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It it possible to have tickets and assets open in a new tab rather than a popup window by default (rather than a right-click)?  We were watching a demo from another company and it appears all their assets and calls were opening in tabs rather than popups, but I didn't think to ask them about it.

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Asked by John Shearer on Thu 4/7/22 11:33 AM
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Mark Sayers Thu 4/7/22 11:54 AM

Hello John,

It is possible that other company configured their browsers to open new tabs instead of new windows, or possibly they were simply middle-clicking with their mouse to make the items open in new tabs rather than new windows.

If you have a physical mouse you can either middle-click to open a new tab, or you can hold the CTRL button on your keyboard (for Windows users) to make it open the item in a new tab rather than a new window/loading over the current window.

Keep in mind though that not all areas of TeamDynamix do support opening an item in a tab in this manner, but there are still many areas that *do*.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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