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Some card wall questions. 

In the card-wall is there a way to make a parent/roll up task and assign it sub-tasks so that the sub-tasks can be assigned to different people [the current sub-tasks on a task do not allow you to assign that sub-task to a resource directly in card-wall]?

Is there any way to link a SR to a task but not convert the SR into a task?

If no to both of these, will any of this functionality be included on a future road-map?


David M.

Asked by David Marcinkowski on Thu 3/31/22 5:35 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 4/1/22 11:30 AM

Hello David,

Unfortunately there isn't a feature of task dependencies or anything like that in cardwalls similar to how there is in a waterfall plan. So, short of just *naming* the tasks in such a way as to denote it is related to a different task, this isn't currently possible in the way you're asking. You could for sure submit an enhancement request to ask for this ability though.

As for tickets and tasks, the only true method of linking them is to convert the ticket into a task. Otherwise you'd just have to manually track on each that they are to be considered connected. This would be another enhancement request to ask for anything different.

To my knowledge these aren't roadmapped features, but you can always ask for new features at any time.

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