A change in handling of required attributes with defaults

We have an attribute that is set to "Editable and Required" for TDNext.  We also have a default dropdown selection set with the default enabled option selected.  When filling out the form in TDNext we see the default show up in the form but the application will not allow us to save the ticket and returns a RED error box at the top of the window stating that that attribute is required.  This error is even different then how other required attributes are handled when they are not filled out at submission.  Those attributes are handled by the window dropping down to that attribute with red lettering under it saying it is required.  Has something changed with required attributes that have a default preselected?

Asked by Danee Gunka Schwartz on Thu 3/31/22 1:27 PM Last edited Thu 3/31/22 3:03 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 3/31/22 2:49 PM

Hello Danee,

What is the ID of the ticket app, and the ID of the form in question?

Also please provide the Attribute name/ID in question from this form.

Lastly, if you can attempt this again in TDNext, take a screen shot showing the error and that the field is filled in at the time you tried to create the ticket.

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Ticketing App = 207
Form = 16329
Attribute = Classroom Issue Resolution / 70295
screenshot attached.

- Danee Gunka Schwartz Thu 3/31/22 3:03 PM
If you go into TDAdmin to edit that particular attribute, the choice "Not Yet Resolved" is marked as an inactive choice. You'll need to select another default value or re-activate that choice. - Mark Sayers Fri 4/1/22 9:17 AM
Ah! Completely overlooked that!! Thanks so much! - Danee Gunka Schwartz Fri 4/1/22 9:56 AM
Absolutely! Glad we could help you spot the issue. - Mark Sayers Fri 4/1/22 9:57 AM