MS Teams & TDX

One of our TDX users wanted me to ask if the following would be possible to do using MS Teams & TDX. 

1) User enters a date in a date field
2) On submit, TDX sends the value of the date field and the link to the ticket to Teams. Teams then adds an entry in a team schedule (not the calendar) (or a Bucket item) for the requested completion date.

Any suggestions/input are greatly appreciated. 


Asked by Ann Edvaldsson on Tue 3/29/22 8:34 AM
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Mark Sayers Tue 3/29/22 11:13 AM

Hello Ann,

Without using iPaaS to achieve this I do not think it is possible unless Teams allows this through their API endpoints, in which case you could use a workflow with a web service step to potentially do the same thing.

Just posting to a Teams channel though might be possible via webhooks.

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