Sending workflow email notifications ".. #" of days prior to expiration of a form attribute

Is there a way in TD to send workflow notifications a specified number of days prior to a set expiration date that will be pulled from a form?


Example, send notification to a group  45, 30, and 15 days to expiration.

Asked by Hermandez Wynn on Thu 3/24/22 2:04 PM
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Hermandez Wynn Fri 3/25/22 10:22 AM Last edited Fri 3/25/22 10:22 AM

See the attached screenshot. How does this look?

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I think that is ok, though it looks like your Timer step is also routing to the Collector step, so I'm not sure if that is what you were intending to do. - Mark Sayers Mon 3/28/22 10:54 AM

Mark Sayers Thu 3/24/22 2:27 PM

Hello Hermandez,

If you are capturing this date in a date field, you should be able to construct a Condition step that checks whether the value of that field is "the run date plus X days". You'll have to build that into a loop though so you can keep checking until the condition is met.

To do that you'd want to format your loop something like this:

  1. A Condition step to check for "{{datefield}} is less than or equal to the run date plus X days"
  2. A Web Service Step, so the workflow doesn't detect this as a loop. You can just make this step GET the current ticket, and it doesn't matter if it succeeds or fails because you're going to point it at the next step regardless.
  3. A Timer step that waits X hours before moving back to step 1 to perform the check again, usually a 24 hr timer.
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