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When typing in the 'service' field on tickets to look for a service, is there any ranking or weighting to the results that appear? 

For example, we have a service of 'Software' that has various service offerings tied to it. When a technician creates a ticket and enters 'Software' in the service field, the top five results that they get don't have the word 'software' listed anywhere in the category or service name. From what I can tell, it's pulling those as results based on the fact that 'software' is listed somewhere on the service page. 

I would like or hope that if I am typing a word that there is a direct service match for, that it would appear at least at the top of the results. I'm not even sure if there is a way to force it higher in the results at all. I do know that I can hit the magnifying glass to get more results, but even then, the one that is the exact match is on the second page of results.

A screenshot of what I am referring to is attached. 

Asked by Julie Neville on Tue 3/22/22 4:30 PM Last edited Tue 3/22/22 4:30 PM
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Mark Sayers Tue 3/22/22 4:49 PM

Hi Julie,

Results for the Services field are returned based on matches in the Service Name, Short Description, Long Description, or in a tag on the service.

Then all of those results are ordered first by the Order value of the service, then by the Name field.

So, you could in theory have the service you are looking for be a low value (since lower is "better") like 1 and all the other ones higher up and it should work to make that service appear higher in the results. This would also affect the order in which they show up in the service catalog too, though.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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