Workflow approval step

It is possible that when an approval step is approved that it is changing the status of the ticket itself.

I did not think that this occurred, but I have reports that it is happening.

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Asked by Mathew Chandler on Tue 2/15/22 9:43 PM
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Mark Sayers Tue 2/15/22 10:54 PM

Hello Mathew,

Approval steps do not in and of themselves have the ability to change the status of a ticket, no. Something additional must be going on as well, which would require further information and context before we could best determine what might be causing this to happen.

Can you provide an app ID and example ticket IDs where they believe this has happened?

We'd also want to know the name of the workflow that was operating on said tickets.

Mark Sayers
​​​​​​​Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Ticket number is 19472945.
Workflow is called New Access Workflow and the app number is 8558892.
Let me know if you need anything else.
- Mathew Chandler Wed 2/16/22 8:32 AM
The workflow tasks following the "Finance Approval" step in that workflow are not configured to (wait for completion), so the workflow is speeding ahead to the end of the workflow as soon as that step is approved.

Additionally, the workflow is configured to move the ticket to "In Process" as soon as the workflow reaches the "Approval" ending of the workflow.

You'll want to change those steps to wait for completion so the workflow can't hit the end of the workflow without them actually being completed.
- Mark Sayers Wed 2/16/22 9:12 AM