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In the Knowledge Base report, you can select Owning Group. But nowhere in the KB Article can I find a place to update this field. Here is what I am trying to do.

As there are no notifications built into the KB system that I've been able to see, we'd like to use iPaaS to send notifications when an article is submitted. We have two paths for these approvals, if internal, it would go to the Owning Group members that have the security role to approve articles. If External, it would go to the previously mentioned group and our Communications and marketing folks to make sure the format and tone are correct.

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Asked by David Robertson on Tue 1/11/22 8:52 AM
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Mark Sayers Tue 1/11/22 8:56 AM

Hello David,

The "Owner" field can be populated by either a group or an individual. On the report side of things you can report on that either with the Owner or Owning Group columns, depending on which kind of resource is marked as the owner of the article. But they are stemming from the same field in the Settings area of the article.

I'll check with our folks as to whether or not iPaaS can facilitate the sort of notification routing you're describing here so the team can advise how best to set that up.

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Thanks for the information, that shouold fix my issues, we'll just tell folks to set the Owner as their group rather than the individual. I was going to use a report based trigger to have iPaas send the notifications. We'd have a series of reports, Submitted Articles, Articles expiring in 30 days, Articles expiring in15 days, Articles Expired. - David Robertson Tue 1/11/22 9:00 AM
I should think that would do the trick for the iPaaS side of things as that was going to be my initial suggestion. - Mark Sayers Tue 1/11/22 9:08 AM
As a follow up, when I assign a Group as the owner, the Owning Group column in the reports remains blank and the Group name is placed in the Owner column. - David Robertson Thu 1/27/22 7:33 AM
When you edit the KB and are making this assignment, you are changing the value of the "Owner" field on the Service's Settings tab?

Are you doing this in the Client Portal or through TDAdmin?

When I do this, the group name is listed in the Owning Group column, so are you sure that an actual Group was chosen as the Owner of the article?
- Mark Sayers Fri 2/4/22 1:07 PM