Survey Usage in TeamDynamix


Surveys can be used in order to get valuable feedback from various users of the system after a work item has finished its lifecycle. Surveys are utilized after a ticket has been completed or after a project has been closed. They can be used to get feedback from users after the work items have been completed and ensure that users have had a satisfactory experience. Surveys used to be a standalone application, but have been incorporated into Projects and Ticketing Applications as of version 9.0.


The following permissions regarding Surveys are enforced in TeamDynamix:

  • For Tickets
    • Access Surveys
    • Create and modify Surveys
    • Delete Survey Responses
    • Delete unused Surveys and Survey Questions
  • For Projects
    • Access All Project Surveys
    • Create and modify Project Surveys
    • Delete Project Survey Responses
    • Delete unused Project Surveys and Project Survey Questions

It should be noted that these permissions are enforced separately for the Projects application and Tickets applications. For configuration of Projects survey permissions, the user's security role must have these enabled. This can be changed by locating Users & Roles > Security Roles through the Admin tool and selecting the appropriate security role.

On the other hand, each ticketing application can have multiple security roles, which are configurable in Admin by locating Ticketing Applications > [Select an Application] > Users & Roles > Security Roles and selecting the appropriate security role. Although project permissions are enforced throughout the entirety of the application, ticketing application permissions are limited to the scope of the application and do not apply to other ticket apps.

In addition, the user must have the specified security role AND permission to the ticketing application. Both of these can be changed by visiting the user's profile in Admin, clicking the Applications tab, and ensuring that the application is checked with an appropriate security role selected in the dropdown.

Outside of these permissions, the ability to report on surveys is available to all individuals with access to the Analysis application.


Surveys are only visible to those users who have the Access Surveys permission for the given application. In addition, the Survey Question Bank is only visible to users who have the Create and modify Surveys and/or Delete unused Surveys and Survey Questions​​​​​​​ permission for the application. If a user has either of these permissions, then they can access the page(s) by clicking on the icon in the top right of the Ticketing application or Projects/Workspaces application and selecting the appropriate Survey page.

Ticket Surveys

A survey request will be generated and delivered to the ticket requestor. This occurs a time period after the ticket has been updated to a status class of Cancelled or Completed. This only generates a survey request if the requestor information has been provided on the ticket and the criteria configured for the Ticket Profile are satisfied.

Project Surveys

A survey can be selected when a project manager is closing a project under the Request Feedback section. This section has a couple of options so that the survey can be used to retrieve useful information:

  • Closure Survey: The survey to be delivered to selected users.
  • Participants: The individuals who generally receive survey requests upon project closure. This includes a list of:
    • Project Resources
    • Client Project Resources
    • Project Sponsor
    • Stakeholder(s)
    • Portfolio Manager(s)
  • Other People: Other users to whom the project manager wishes to deliver a survey request. This field is to supply user information for people who are not included in the Participants list.

A Survey Responses tab will be available on the Project Management console. This displays all current responses to the Closure Survey for the project.

Survey Configuration

General Options

The following are settings that are configurable for both ticket and project surveys:

  • Name: The name of the survey request to be delivered upon item completion.
  • Order (Ticket Only): This is used to specify the order of the survey. When multiple surveys have ticket profiles that match a closed ticket, the survey with the lowest Order will be used to generate a survey request. This is used to prevent multiple surveys from being delivered upon completion of one ticket.
  • Options
    • Is Active: When this is inactive, users are unable to complete the survey and no requests will be automatically generated for it. It should be noted that Surveys cannot be marked as Active until they have at least one associated question.
    • Is Public (Ticket Only): If the survey is marked as Public, anyone who has a link to the survey will be able to complete it, regardless of whether or not they are logged in. Otherwise, only individuals who received a request will be able to access the survey.
    • Show Captcha: This setting determines if a captcha should be included as a part of the survey. If Is Public is checked for a Ticket Survey, it may be a good idea to also check this box, as it can prevent spam responses that result from public response submissions.
    • Notify Manager (Project Only): When this is checked, the manager and alternate manager of a project will be notified when survey responses are submitted.
  • Introduction Message: The message to be displayed at the beginning of the survey.
  • Closing Message: The message to be displayed after the survey has been successfully submitted.
  • Already Taken Message: The message to be displayed if the user has already completed the survey.
  • Invalid Request Message: The message to be displayed if the survey cannot be properly loaded.
  • Not Public Message: The message to be displayed if the survey is not public and an unauthenticated user attempts to access it.

Ticketing Options

The following are configurable settings that are specific to ticket surveys. These can be changed on a per-Survey basis by locating Settings > Surveys, selecting the Survey which you wish to modify, and clicking on the Ticket Requests tab.

  • Automated Request Options
    • Request Percentage: The percent of tickets matching the Ticket Profile that will have a survey request automatically generated.
    • Waiting Period: The amount of time after the ticket has been closed/cancelled until a survey request is generated.
    • Time Between Requests: The amount of time that must take place in order for the same individual to receive a request for this survey a second time.
  • Ticket Profile: This section can be used to configure the exact type of ticket that will have requests automatically generated when the ticket is closed/cancelled.

Survey Question Configuration

Surveys are composed of questions that are configurable with the following fields:

  • Name: The name of the question, as it will appear in the TeamDynamix Survey Question Bank. This value is also the default text for a question when it is added to a survey.
  • Header Text: The abbreviate name of the question, which is used as the column header when reporting on Survey responses
  • Question Type: The type of the question to be displayed when used in a survey. It is worth noting that once a Question is created, this field cannot change.
  • Is Active: Whether or not the survey question is active. This value is only used when creating new surveys, and changing this does not affect any surveys that already use the question

It is also worth noting that these questions are stored in Question Banks, which allow the Questions to be accessed from any Survey in the same application. This allows users to re-use survey Questions for different Surveys. This allows iterations of the same survey to be performed so that comparisons can be made between the two result sets.

A Question can be deleted from the Question Bank for a particular application if it is not in use by any surveys and the individual has the "Delete unused Surveys and Survey Questions" permission for that application.

Request Notification

This tab can be used to configure the format of the survey request email that is delivered.

  • Send As (Tickets Only): The user who will be used to generate the From portion of the email. This can be selected as a user who has the ticketing application. If no user is selected, a generic system account will be used to populate this email information.
  • Insert Template Tag: This dropdown can be used to dynamically add information into the email template.
  • Subject: The subject of the email that will be delivered for a survey request.
  • Body: The body of the email that will be delivered for a survey request.

In the case of project surveys, the Send As field cannot be configured because the From address will always list the manager of the associated project.

Survey Responses


This page contains a list of survey responses. It includes options for filtering on whether or not the list has complete/incomplete responses, as well as a date range to see what responses were completed in a given time period.

For Ticketing application surveys, manual survey requests can also be delivered on this page by clicking the New Request button. In addition, for both project and ticketing surveys, incomplete survey responses can be resent by locating the response and clicking the Resend Request button on this page.

Survey Response Report

There is a resport source for Survey Response that can be created through Analysis, Projects/Workspaces, and Tickets Applications. These reports can only be accessed by users with the appropriate application and the Access All Surveys permission.

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