Using Project Surveys

This how-to article will help Project Managers & Enterprise Users to create and manage surveys using the TDNext interface. The user must have the “Create and modify Project Surveys” settings in TDAdmin.


Project surveys can be used to get valuable feedback from users such as Project Managers, Team Members, Stakeholders and Sponsors after a project has been closed. With only a few exceptions, project surveys function the same way as Ticketing Surveys.


To create and modify surveys, the user must have the Enterprise Security Role, and access to the Project Management Application.

The following permissions are required to work with surveys:

  • Access All Project Surveys
  • Create and modify Project Surveys
  • Delete Project Survey Responses
  • Delete unused Project Surveys and Project Survey Questions

For configuration of Projects survey permissions, the user's security role must have these enabled. This can be changed by navigating to TDAdmin > Users & Roles > Security Roles and selecting the appropriate security role.

The ability to report on survey responses is available to all individuals with access to the Analysis application.

Creating a Project Survey

  1. In TDNext, click the Applications menu and select Projects / Workspaces.
  2. Click the +New button in the toolbar.
  3. Select Survey from the list of options.

Most of the configuration and settings for Project Surveys are the same as Ticketing Application surveys, refer to the Getting Started with Ticketing Surveys article for details and instructions.

Surveying Project Members on Project Close

To send project members a closure survey on project close:

  1. In TDNext, click the Applications menu and select Projects / Workspaces.
  2. Click the project name in the left navigation.
  3. Click Project Details.
  4. Click the Actions button and select Close.
  5. On the Close Project page, under the Request Feedback section select a Closure Survey from the dropdown.
  6. Select the Participants and enter any Other People who are not included in the Participants list.

Viewing Project Surveys

A Survey Responses tab will be available on the Project Management console. This displays all current responses to the Closure Survey for the project.

To view project surveys:

  1. In TDNext, click the Applications menu and select Projects / Workspaces.
  2. Click the gear icon on the right side of the toolbar.
  3. Select Surveys from the list of actions.
  4. Select the Responses tab.

Gotchas & Pitfalls

Project Surveys cannot be made public and are only intended for project Resources.


Project Surveys help to get valuable feedback from project resources and various other participants after a projects closure. They can help act as a measurement on how the project went overall. It can provide an opportunity for feedback to the PMO and/ or Project Manager on improvements that should be applied for future projects.

In addition to improvements to be made, it can be a good measurement for praise to the team working on the project.

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