FAQ: The TeamDynamix Upgrade Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Production and Sandbox environments both upgraded in this process?

Yes, all major releases involve an upgrade to Production and Sandbox.

Will TeamDynamix be down during upgrades, and if so for how long?

You can see our Major Release Updates section of the related Planned Maintenance Information for TeamDynamix article for this information as well, but TeamDynamix is unavailable for the full 4 hour upgrade period, which lasts from 12- 4 AM ET on the Saturday of the release weekend.

Is Sandbox data refreshed from Production during a major release update?

No, the SaaS Sandbox is only ever refreshed according to the schedule outlined in the related An Overview of the TeamDynamix Environments article, which is not something a SaaS client can opt out of. Private Cloud SaaS sandboxes will also not be refreshed during releases.

Are SaaS clients able to opt out of receiving TeamDynamix releases, major or otherwise?

No, all hosted SaaS clients will receive each new TeamDynamix version release automatically on the scheduled release weekend. Private Cloud clients are also considered SaaS and thus cannot opt out of releases either.

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