Creating and Managing Report Folders

Report folders allow you to organize the reports that users create within TDNext. This article describes the steps to set up report folders, then discusses how to use report folders to manage a large set of reports. Report Folders are available in all of the applications that include report sources. This includes the Analysis, Assets/CIs, Tickets, Projects/Workspaces, Portfolio Planning, and Resource Management applications.

Each application has its own set of Report Folders, which can’t be moved between applications. A Report Folder can contain reports from multiple different Report Sources within the same application, though.

Report Folders will show up in the left-side navigator in TDNext, in the Desktop Editor, and in the Reports section of the Client Portal. You can click the folder name in the left navigator to open the Reports page centered on that folder. 

Creating a Report Folder

Report Folders can be created two different ways in each application.

  1. Open the New Report Folder window.
    1. In all applications, you can access this from the green + button in the “Choose a report folder” section of the custom report builder.
    2. In Ticketing applications, select +Report > Report Folder on the toolbar.
    3. In all other applications, select +New > Report Folder on the toolbar.
  2. Provide a name for the report folder.
  3. Optionally add a description. This description will only display on the Edit Report Folder screen.
  4. Choose an Order. Folders are sorted by Favorite, then Order, then Name.
  5. Choose if you want to mark this folder as a Favorite. Favorite folders only apply to the individual, even if the folder is shared.
  6. Set the visibility of the folder. The visibility controls who can see the Folder. Each report’s own visibility will still control who can see that report.
    1. Just Me – the folder will not be shared with others.
    2. Me and people in these Groups – you’ll define a set of Groups who can see the folder.
    3. Everyone with this application – the folder will be visible to everyone with the application.
  7. Save.

Adding a Report to a Report Folder

The Report Builder has a new “Choose a report folder” section, where users can choose a folder for a report.

Once a report is added to a folder, it will appear in that folder for any user who can view the folder. If the user can’t view the folder, the report will display in the built-in folder for the report source.

Using the Reports page

Every application with custom reports includes a Reports Summary page, which allows users to manage report folders and reports. To access the Reports page, click the Reports button on the toolbar.

The reports page allows users in all applications to control which reports show in the left navigator and manage report folders.

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