Activating/Deactivating Projects

Users who are a project manager have the ability to activate and deactivate their projects. When a user deactivates a project, the project is removed from the projects list of every member of that project. This effectively archives the project for historical use. Once a project is complete, the project manager deactivates the project and the project is no longer a choice in the projects list. However, the project manager may activate the project at anytime to refer to its contents. Deactivation of a project also removes it from the "Active" section of the Management console. Activating the project will restore it to the "Active" section of the Management console and give others access to the project and its workspace again. In order to Deactivate/Activate a project, the project manager must:

  1. Navigate to "Applications -> Projects/Workspaces."
  2. In the left navigator, select the appropriate project.
  3. Select the "Project Details" tab.
  4. Click on the green Actions button and then select "Deactivate" from the list. If the project is not active, the user may activate the project by clicking on the green "Activate Project" button.
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