Knowledge Base Analytics and Reports

1. Search

This report will provide users with the ability to understand:

  • Common search phrases being used and the number of results that are being rendered. As a result, KB owners can leverage this information to align search phrases to the appropriate article(s) or simply create an article that may align with the person's root search which will fortify your self service model.
  • Searches conducted by a specific person and what they where searching for. In the event, someone internal would like to gather more information from that individual to help support them or others in the future, they have access to the searcher's contact info by drilling down on their name.

2. Feedback

This tool will provide KB admins with the ability to quickly identify "Helpful" articles from those that are not "Helpful".  Access to this information can provide direction into which articles may need updated as well as those that are obsolete. Furthermore, this reporting view will allow reviewers to see which articles with negative responses have been addressed.

3. Using Google Analytics, you can track things like page views, click through rate, etc. 

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