How do On Hold tickets impact reporting?


Unless specifically filtered to be excluded, a typical ticket report will include On Hold tickets in the report results.


For reports involving ticket Metrics/KPIs, such as resolve Create to Init Assign, On Hold tickets will be included in these metrics. This impacts both the operational and absolute versions of each ticketing Metric/KPI.

It should be noted that placing a ticket in an On Hold status from one that is In Process will update the date/time registered as the Last Respond for the ticket when the ticket drops off hold again into the In Process status.  

Similarly, when a ticket that was previously in a Completed status is placed On Hold and comes back off hold to the Completed status again, the ticket's Last Respond date and Resolve date are both updated.

Depending on the report you're creating, consider using the Initial Respond and Initial Resolve versions of the KPIs/Metrics as described in the related article. 

Time Entry Data

Reports including time entry data will include tickets which are On Hold.


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