Migrating to the new Email Service

Version 11.5 includes a new version of the email service, which includes functional and technical improvements for how email is read in TeamDynamix.

Changes in the New Email Service

The new email service includes the following changes: 

  • Continuous Monitoring: The email service monitors the mailbox continuously instead of waiting for the email monitoring interval to pass (5 minutes).
  • Non-IMAP Email Support: The email service can read email using the G Suite and Microsoft 365 APIs, which are the recommended ways to read email for those platforms. 
  • Redundant Reply Detection: The email service sends the reply token information in the in-reply-to header as well as in the email body. The system will read the in-reply-to header first and fallback to the token in the body, increasing reliability. 
  • Improved Failure Handling: When the email service fails to create a ticket or reply and it sends a failure notification, the failed email will be included as an attachment instead of being rendered as HTML in the email body.
  • Configure Email Reply Settings within Applications: Administrators can optionally configure email reply settings within each ticketing, asset/CI and client portal application that overrides the system-level email reply settings.

Upgrading to 11.5

Before you begin your upgrade to version 11.5, verify that your organization is using a separate mailbox for email replies and email monitoring. If necessary, update the Email Replies configuration in the current email monitor to use a new mailbox or folder.

When you upgrade to 11.5, the new email services will take effect automatically. At this time you should send a test email or wait for the next real email, then validate that the email was processed successfully by checking the email monitor logs (TDAdmin > Applications > [Ticketing Application] > Email > Email Monitors > [Email Monitor] > Logs tab) and the Email Replies logs (TDAdmin > Email > Email Replies > Logs tab). 

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