Accessing a Project Plan as a Resource


This article discusses how to access project plans and update tasks when you are a resource of a project but not a manager. Projects may not be visible to all users. The article notes what permissions are required. Please keep in mind that these are configured by a TDAdmin.

Accessing the Project Plan

Accessing the Project Plan in TDNext

You will need access to the Projects application in order to access projects and their plans in TDNext.

  1. Log in to TDNext.
  2. From the Applications menu, select Projects.
  3. Your list of projects will appear in the left navigation bar. Select the project for which you'd like to view the plan.
  4. When the project expands, select Plans.
  5. Select the project plan you would like to view and/or edit.

Accessing the Project Plan in the Client Portal

You will need the security permission View Projects on your Client Portal Security Role.

  1. Navigate and authenticate to your Client Portal.
  2. From the Navigation Bar at the top of the page, select Projects.
  3. Select the project for which you'd like to view the plan.
  4. At the top of the project details summary, you will see a sub navigation bar (including Details, Feed, etc.). Select Plans.
  5. You will see a list of tasks assigned to you under My Tasks. To see a specific project plan, select a plan under Plans, which appears below My Tasks.
    1. If the plan is a card wall, note that you will need to select each individual task to view its subtasks.
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