How to Respond to a Question


Responding to a question in the TeamDynamix Client Portal is actually simpler than one might think. When deciding to reply to a question, you do not need to look up the information of the Question writer or the person who also responded to the question, email them directly, and hope for a response. That method is not guaranteed to get you a response (since TeamDynamix Support does not respond to direct emails from the Questions system).

Instead, at the bottom of every Question page in the Client Portal, you will find a button stating Contribute an answer. Many users/clients go the route of attempting to email support representatives directly because they think they are not supposed to be the one contributing an answer to the question; they just have an additional question or two. We assure our users and clients that whether you have more questions to ask us, or want to follow up on your original question, the Contribute an answer button is the correct way to add new answers to the main question.

As of 10.2+ there are threaded comment replies. You can simply click the "Comment" link on an answer response to continue discussion on that response without feeling like you were adding an "answer" to the original question.


The following people are notified when a new answer is posted to a question in the TeamDynamix Client Portal:

  • The TeamDynamix support team
  • The original question author
  • Anybody else who has contributed an answer to the question


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