Person Custom Attributes as Relative Roles

Person Custom Attributes on a Ticket, a ticket's Requestor, a ticket's Service or Service Offering, or a ticket's Account can be used as relative roles in workflow steps and for task template responsibility. The following relative role types support choosing a person custom attribute from the ticket or the ticket's service.

  • Approval Step > Approver Role(s)
  • Choice Step > Responsible Role
  • Notification Step > Recipient Role(s)
  • Task Step > Responsible Role
  • Ticket Task Template > Responsible Role

If the person custom attribute evaluates to no person or a person who isn’t appropriate for the step type (e.g. a person without the ticketing application for a Task Step’s Responsible Role), the system will fall back to the fallback field’s value (or Unassigned for task template tasks if the fallback is not defined).


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Tue 3/10/20 2:33 PM
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