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Bulk Import Issues [Workspace]

Hello Sergio,

No, our API endpoints or other tool functions do not support a bulk import of pre-existing issues. This sounds like a candidate for an enhancement idea though. You should submit a product idea from the "Submit a Product Idea" button...

Asked by Mark Sayers Last activity on Fri 12/15/17 11:37 AM by Mark Sayers
Bulk Import Issues [Workspace]

Hi All,

Is there a function to bulk import issues from a data source (e.g. excel), similiar to the TDNext bulk import tickets. I am already aware of the API to create issues.

Asked by Sergio Palomino Last activity on Fri 12/15/17 11:37 AM by Mark Sayers
Tenant URL

We are using hosted SaS option with URL used to access our tenant. Our Internet Domain is . I was asked to check if it is possible to change the tenant URL to be

Asked by Bodek Frak Last activity on Fri 12/15/17 8:31 AM by Bodek Frak
Workflows question with regard to completing a ticket

Since Task and rejects all go to one collector, I would expect the collector to pass on tot "Complete", but it doesn't.  It stays at the collector waiting for every task and every reject to be done.

It shows the collector as:

"All Tasks Complete...

Asked by Heather Fulton Last activity on Thu 12/14/17 2:31 PM by Heather Fulton
Can tickets by default notify the requester when they are closed?

Hi Kristi,

Thank you for your question. No, this feature has not currently been added to allow automatic notification of the requestor when their ticket is closed. If you'd like to lend your "voice" to this enhancement, go ahead and use the "Subm...

Asked by Mark Sayers Last activity on Thu 12/14/17 2:15 PM by Mark Sayers