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Way to increment values in Web Services method in TDAdmin

Hi David,

I recently had a similar problem and came across this web service that may be useful to you:

Asked by Jackson Potter Last activity on Fri 5/24/19 4:05 PM by Jackson Potter
Email Replies: IMAP vs SMTP

Thanks Mark. Is there a document explaining mail flow in and out of TD or using the SMTP option? I've seen this article here;   but I was looking for more of a technical article.


Asked by Jeremy Luring Last activity on Fri 5/24/19 3:18 PM by Jeremy Luring
Expected replacement date Assets

The expected replacement date has an option to apply a number of weekdays after created date, but there is a cap of 1,000 for this field. Is there any way to increase this without making a custom attribute?

Asked by Frank Cafasso Last activity on Fri 5/24/19 10:51 AM by Frank Cafasso
Expected replacement date Assets

Hello Frank,

I think you are referring to the browser's generated calendar for date-picker fields that stops at 10years +/- the current date, however you can simply type in whatever date you want.

Date fields do not support non-date-formatted nu...

Asked by Mark Sayers Last activity on Fri 5/24/19 10:51 AM by Mark Sayers
People added to ticket unable to add attachments and update.

Hello Scott,

They may potentially need to edit the Ticketing application's Settings area Client Portal Visibility Settings to "Allow ticket contacts to view tickets in Client Portal".

This allows anyone who is added as a contact on a ticket to v...

Asked by Mark Sayers Last activity on Fri 5/24/19 10:31 AM by Mark Sayers