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Reporting filter: Status changed by

Thanks, but that doesn't really help. For a test, I found a ticket where the status was changed by three different people. If I do three searches using the "status changed by" field on each of those people, the ticket is returned as a result each ...

Asked by Greg Van De Mark Last activity on Thu 3/8/18 3:22 PM by Greg Van De Mark
Permissions and Modules Matrix with Descriptions

Hello Michaela,

Honestly I am not sure as to the accuracy of that file, so we would recommend you simply view the help text for that actual permission. You can do so by going to Admin > Users & Roles > Security Roles > [select a role] and then cl...

Asked by Mark Sayers Last activity on Tue 3/20/18 10:25 AM by Mark Sayers
Reporting Permissions

Hello Michaela,

Having access to a Ticketing application *does* give a user access as well to run reports against ticket information, yes.

Is there anything specific with this permission that you are interested in in particular?



Asked by Mark Sayers Last activity on Tue 3/20/18 9:53 AM by Mark Sayers
Survey Response acknowledgement

Hello William,

At this time there unfortunately is not a way to mark survey responses as acknowledged, no. I can see how this would be a valuable ability though. Would you mind submitting that as an enhancement idea so our Product Management team...

Asked by Mark Sayers Last activity on Tue 3/20/18 9:50 AM by Mark Sayers
Add attribute to multiple forms at once

Hi Will,


Attributes can only be added to one form at a time. There is not a bulk assignment of attributes to forms relationship. If this is something that you'd like to have an enhancement request on this, please visit this link to submit it.

Asked by William Cochran Last activity on Tue 3/20/18 9:10 AM by William Cochran