TeamDynamix Desktop Edit Control


The TeamDynamix Desktop Edit Control is the mechanism that allows a user to access the tool for editing the layout of a desktop and allows a user to selectively place modules on their desktop. This article outlines how to navigate and use this control using a keyboard.

TeamDynamix Desktop Edit Control

In order to choose the desired layout for a desktop the user can navigate to the anchor with the text Edit Layout and press Enter. This will display the options available for desktop layout. The layout that is currently selected will be denoted by a darker grey background and the browser will apply the standard focus style to the layout with keyboard focus. Focus is moved by pressing Tab and iterating through the options. When the focus is on the desired desktop layout the user can again press Enter to select the current layout. This will return the user to the previous screen where modules and reports can be placed into the chosen layout.

TeamDynamix Desktop Layout options

On this screen the user can navigate with Tab to the sections available below the label that reads Available Content. Each of the items in this section will display standard browser focus styling when keyboard focus is received. A section can be expanded by pressing Enter. Once expanded the section will display all of the modules and reports available for placement on the desktop. By pressing Tab a user can navigate through the content. As before, keyboard focus will be displayed with standard keyboard focus styling.

TeamDynamix Desktop edit control

A user can select a module or report by pressing Enter which will open a small drop down displaying the columns where the item can be placed. The columns available are determined by the layout chosen. A desktop with two columns will show "Move to Column 1" and "Move to Column 2" where as a desktop with four columns will display an option for columns one through four.

TeamDynamix Desktop Edit layout menu

A user can then press Tab to navigate to the column where the content should be placed and press Enter. This will place the module or report in the selected column. If there is content in the column before this selection is made the new content will be placed below the existing content.

It is also possible to remove content or move content up or down after being inserted into a column. To do this a user will navigate by pressing Tab to the content in the preview area on the right hand side of the screen. The X will remove the content if it has focus and Enter is pressed. A user can move content by navigating to the move button by pressing Tab and Enter to open a drop down menu where the option will appear for moving the content. The options will change based on the location of the item relative to the other items in the column. For example, an item at the top of column one on a desktop with two columns will display the options to Move Down and Move to Column 2. A user can navigate to the desired action by pressing Tab and perform the action by pressing Enter. The content will be removed or relocated to the location as selected by the user.

TeamDynamix Desktop moving content



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