Card Wall and Backlog Manager Security Role Permissions

This Permissions article will help Project Managers and Team Members to manage Card Wall Plans, Lists and Tasks. The user must have the following settings enabled within the Security Role: Add Plans, Add Tasks, Edit Plans, Edit Tasks, Delete Plans, Delete Tasks


Overview information about the article.This article is intended to describe the security permissions needed to perform operations on the Card Wall and Backlog Manager.  


To access a Card Wall in Backlog Manager or Card Wall, a user must be a resource on a project that has a Card Wall project plan.  All other permissions are as follows:

  1. Boards / Plans
    1. Create: Security Role Permission "Add Plans"
    2. Edit: Security Role Permission "Edit Plans"
    3. Delete: Security Role Permission "Delete Plans"
  2. Lists
    1. CreateProject Manager for the Project
    2. EditProject Manager for the Project
    3. Deactivate: Project Manager for the Project
  3. Cards
    1. Create: Security Role Permission: "Add Tasks"
    2. Edit: Security Role Permission: "Update Tasks"
    3. Delete: Security Role Permissions: "Delete Tasks


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