Card Wall and Backlog Manager Security Role Permissions


This article is intended to describe the security permissions needed to perform operations on the Card Wall and Backlog Manager.  


To access a Card Wall in Backlog Manager or Card Wall, a user must be a resource on a project that has a Card Wall project plan.  All other permissions are as follows:

  1. Boards / Plans
    1. Create: Security Role Permission "Add Plans"
    2. Edit: Security Role Permission "Edit Plans"
    3. Delete: Security Role Permission "Delete Plans"
  2. Lists
    1. CreateProject Manager for the Project
    2. EditProject Manager for the Project
    3. Deactivate: Project Manager for the Project
  3. Cards
    1. Create: Security Role Permission: "Add Tasks"
    2. Edit: Security Role Permission: "Update Tasks"
    3. Delete: Security Role Permissions: "Delete Tasks


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