Overview of Portfolio Management in Analysis

In the Analysis application, you can create Portfolios to manage Projects and/or Project Requests. A portfolio is a record that is used to bucket common projects, project requests together. The user will need to have an Enterprise license along with access to Analysis application, and Portfolios application too. Below are some highlights of a portfolio manager can do:

1) The Portfolio Manager can add, remove, and manage projects, and project requests within the portfolio. A manager of a portfolio may not be able to edit or manage the projects themselves. There can only be 1 manager per portfolio.

2) The Portfolio Manager during creation of a Portfolio, or editing it can toggle the start and end dates of the portfolio.

3) The Budget, and Work sections of a portfolio data comes from the projects, and requests. It will show in a graph view.

4) Using Analysis, you can run reports on your Portfolio, and see data points that make it up.

**note: Refer to your TD Administrators on visibility settings, but you can toggle ON/OFF whether the user can see their peer's portfolios. The permission setting for this is "Edit All Project Portfolios." Typically, if using enterprise Project Mgmt, best practice is to toggle this permission OFF. By toggling it to OFF, the Manager is only able to see their own portfolios. 


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