Client Portal Shortcuts

Client Portal Shortcuts allow administrators to link one part of the service catalog or knowledge base by adding a “Shortcut” item in a category. For client portal users, shortcuts look the same as if the linked service, article or category was in the shortcut's parent category. 


Client Portal Shortcuts allow one article, service, or category to appear in multiple locations in the client portal. The permissions for seeing a shortcut are the same as the permissions for seeing the target of the shortcut. For example, if you define a shortcut to a service that is only visible to an "Employees" group (whether that's based on its parent category or its own permissions), and place that shortcut in a category that is publicly visible, only users that are in the "Employees" group will see the service when looking at the contents of the publicly visible category.

Users who can edit services, articles or categories can see an anchor icon () to indicate that an item is a shortcut. Users need the Knowledge Base > Modify Shortcuts or Service > Modify Service Catalog Shortcuts permissions to edit shortcuts by clicking the shortcut icon. 

Creating Shortcuts

Follow these steps to create Shortcuts: 

  1. Navigate to a client portal category in the Service Catalog or Knowledge Base where you want to include a related category, service, or article. Shortcuts can also be created in the root of the Knowledge Base or Service Catalog.
  2. Click the +New Shortcut button in the top right, below the +New Category button. The New Shortcut window opens. 
  3. Choose the Shortcut Type (Category, Service or Article). 
  4. In the Target field, choose the category, service or article that you want to link to. 
  5. The Parent Category field will default to the category you were in, or blank if you were at the root of the service catalog or knowledge base. You can change it if you want. 
  6. Set the order and optionally pin the shortcut. The order is evaluated for the category that the shortcut resides in. 
  7. Click Save.

Editing/Deleting Shortcuts

Users can edit or delete a Shortcut by clicking the shortcut icon when viewing it in its parent category. 

This will open the Edit Shortcut page, where the shortcut can be edited or deleted. 

VIDEO - Using Client Portal Content Shortcuts

The video below demonstrates how and when to use Client Portal Shortcuts: 

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