Approving Files in a Document Workflow

If the user is named as an approver in a document workflow step, the user needs to either approve or reject the file. In order to approve a file assigned to a workflow the user must:

  1. In TDNext, navigate to Applications -> Document Workflows
    The user will receive an email with a link to the file approval form. If approving the file via email, skip to 4 below.
  2. Click the Pending File Approvals link in the top navigation bar if you are not directed to the Pending File Approvals page.
  3. Any files to be approved will be listed. Click on the file link to open the file approval form.
  4. The user may now add a new version (if the workflow step permits it), add comments, approve, reject, and/or download a copy for review. If the user is able to add a new revision of the workflow document, a New Version field will be present in this page. That field may be used to indicate a new version as a part of the Approve or Reject action.
  5. If the user approves the file, it is routed to the next approver in the workflow.
  6. If the user rejects the file, it is routed to the previous approver for revision. The file will then be routed back to the user.
    for revision.
    **NOTE: When in a workflow, the file is locked based upon the document workflow configuration in Admin > Workflows > Document Workflows. This means no other users can add a new version of the file into the briefcase. Depending on the Admin configuration settings the approver and/or the file creator may be able to add new revisions of the file.**


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