Creating A New Announcement

To create a new announcement, the user must:

  1. Enter the Announcements component of the appropriate project in the Projects/Workspaces application in TDNext.
  2. Expand the project you wish to add an announcement for
  3. Click on the "Announcement" link found under the selected project and then click the "New" button in the right-hand navigator.
  4. Enter an announcement subject.
  5. The project under which you selected "Create Announcement" will default to selected. Select any additional project(s) you would like to post this announcement to by checking the box next to the project's name.
  6. Enter the announcement details in the "Body" textbox.
  7. Enter an expiration date if desired.
  8. Add an attachment if desired.
  9. Check the "Notify users about this announcement" if you wish the notify the all project memebers of the announcement you posted via email. If you have selected to post the announcement to multiple projects, all project members of the selected projects will be notified.
  10. If you choose to notify project members of the announcement, select whether you would like the announcement to be emailed from the To field or the BCC field.
  11. Click the Save button.


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