What Is a Phantom User, and How Do I Use It?

As an organization, you may have a need to represent demand for resources with certain skillsets on projects. These resources need to be reflected on project plans, so we assign what we call a Phantom User as a placeholder resource until an actual person can be identified to perform the tasks assigned to the Phantom User. A Phantom User can be identified where the name of a role is in place of an actual user.  A Phantom User’s workable hours per day are set at 0 (zero) so that the need to identify an actual resource, and the time that actual resource needs to be engaged for can be easily recognized.

The demand for this user can now be seen through the Analysis Availability Report.

  1. Go to the Analysis Module
  2. Click on the Availability Report
  3. Select the appropriate date range and resource pool
  4. Run the report
  5. You will see the availability for the selected date range and resource pool

In the report, you will be able see your phantom users and the hours that need to be filled by a real person for the date range. To determine to which projects a Phantom User is allocated, click on the Phantom User’s name to view their schedules.

To set up a Phantom User:

  1. Ensure that your organization has some functional roles which represent all of the necessary skill sets you want to represent as phantom users.
  2. Create a security role named Phantom User with a license type of Client. These users will not count towards your TeamDynamix licensing.
  3. Create a user named Phantom User (role name here). This might be something like Phantom User (DBA).
    1. Give this user the Phantom User security role.
    2. Enter filler information for most of the required fields like email, zip code, etc. This information is not the focus of the phantom user, only their functional role and schedule demand.
    3. Set this user as an employee so that they show up more quickly in searches. This is optional, but if you do not do this you will need to remember that resource lookups usually start filtered to employees.
    4. Set this user's workable hours to 0 so that they will never show as available. Again, we only want to represent demand.
    5. Give this user a single functional role which will be their primary role for the purposes of representing demand.
    6. Ensure that this user has the TDClient and the TDProjects applications.

You should now be able to assign this Phantom User and any others your create to projects, tasks and/or when staffing project requests. Then, you can run availability reports around phantom users and the roles they consume. For projects where a phantom user is a member (possibly from the request staffing process and the staffer was not sure who the actual resource would be), the manager can replace the phantom user with an actual person in the same manner that they might add a new resource to the project.


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