How To Create An External Application in TDAdmin

This article will help Administrators to create an External Application. The user must have the following settings enabled within the Security Role: Be a global Administrator 


In this article, you will see what is an External Application, and how to create an External Application TDAdmin. Then assign Users to the External Application to use in TDNext's Application Menu. 

External Application

External Applications are applications that are link-based and allow you to access whatever website the application is associated with. Typically it is best practice to use an external URL. ex:

  1. To create an External Application, start in TDAdmin > Applications
  2. Select +New, and enter in a Name and Type is External Application, enter in the full URL and select Icon (if applicable)
  3. Select Save
  4. Once created, select Users and add in the Users of TDNext who need access to this application. If users are already logged into TeamDynamix, it is best practice to have users log in and log out to see this in full affect in the Application Menu in TDNext. 


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