Getting Started with TeamDynamix Project Types


A project type is a main (and required) component of a project and is meant to classify the nature of the project. For example, is the project a new Software Implementation? Or, is it a Construction-related project? You’ll primarily use a project type to categorize your projects and you will likely create reports that use the project type field. It is common to create a pie graph showing the percentages of active projects by project type, as an example.

Additionally, the Project Type serves as a way to review project requests. Each Project Type can have a defined evaluator that is responsible for reviewing the project request of each type. A more advanced approach can also be taken for any Project Type where, based on the Project Type, the project request can enter into a workflow where it is evaluated by multiple people in sequence. All project requests need to go through a workflow evaluation before become actual projects. However, the complexity of the workflow can vary by Project Type. Strategic, complex, and high-budget projects may go through an advanced governance process. Alternatively, less complex and lower budget projects may just have one or two steps to an evaluation before getting approved. For more information on the creation process of Project Categories and Project Types, please see the Related Articles section.

Project Type Examples

Below are example Project Types from other TeamDynamix implementations

Institution A Institution B Institution C
Application Implementation Analytics Enhancement
Business Intelligence and Analytics Application Development Integrations
New Construction and Renovations Assessment New Service
Personally Assigned PC/Mac Deployment and Refresh Construction Re-Platform
Systems Infrastructure and Administration Infrastructure Service Retirement
Training and Program Management Premise Installation Upgrade
Voice and Data Network Infrastructure SaaS Deployment Utility Project
Web Site and Digital Marketing Software Upgrade  
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