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how to do a hover appearing menu in client portal

with the limitations on disallowed html and css tabs its not possible to do a menu that shows up on hover over something.Anyone know how to do that or basically get a menu of hyperlinks to appear when hover over an image or other html element?
1 Answer
Matt Tipton Last activity on 2/14/2024 2:49:11 PM by Mark Sayers

Limited access for contractor

We have a contractor who supports a single service. Since other aspects of the service belong in our main ticketing app, we are not interested in creating a unique app for these external techs. We do not want to have outside parties having access...
2 Answers
Nate Burt Last activity on 3/22/2024 10:33:43 AM by John Adams

Generating Tickets from Questions App

Is there a way to automatically generate tickets when users ask questions in the questions app?
Thank you.
1 Answer
Anderson Hanchett Last activity on 11/15/2023 9:28:01 AM by Brittany Renn