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Images working in article are now broken

Hi there,
I have a situation where an article with a number of images, which once showed fine, are now broken. Here is the link to the specific article .
Here is a screencap of the result

You'll note that one image works fine. ...
2 Answers
Damon Stennett Last activity on 7/12/2023 4:31:56 PM by Mark Sayers

Toggleable / Dynamic Tabs for Knowledge Base articles?

Is there a way to code sanitized tabbed content into a knowledge base article? I've reviewed the below link on allowed content, and I haven't seen what would conflict with basic HTML & Bootsrap code.
1 Answer
Logan Tong Last activity on 7/15/2021 11:48:21 AM by Mark Sayers

"Edit Owned Articles" and group membership

When a user is in a client portal security role that grants "Edit Owned Articles", what is considered an owned article? I know that articles directly owned by the user, and articles owned by the user's primary group seem to count, but ...
1 Answer
Joe Alcorn Last activity on 1/20/2021 10:51:05 AM by Mark Sayers

Issue updating Knowledge Base Article custom attribute checkbox using web api

I am having an issue updating a KBA attribute type:checkbox. I am setting value property but it only deletes any values and never sets or updates the value fields.
For example I GET a KBA using the WEB/API and it returns a valid KBA ...
5 Answers
Phil Williammee Last activity on 10/14/2019 2:58:41 PM by Phil Williammee

Knowledge base - Notification to article owners RE: review date

With respect to adding a review date for KB articles, how are article owners reminded to review their content before/on/around the specified review date? I cannot find any information on this. I also set one of my own articles to be reviewed and ...
2 Answers
Kelly Vanderpool Last activity on 2/11/2021 4:21:29 PM by Becky Klein

Knowledge Base (KB) Comment vs. Feedback

What is the purpose of the "comment" feature as it relates to articles? We have staff leaving comments instead of providing feedback and the comments are not searchable/reportable/addressable as feedback is. If found not to be beneficia...
3 Answers
Greg Van De Mark Last activity on 7/26/2018 10:53:37 AM by Mark Sayers

How do I change the owner of a KB Article.

I believe I have all the access necessary, but I only have the option to Delete or Print. We have a lot of articles by someone that is no longer at the university. I understand that I cannot do a mass update, but I can't figure out how to do on.e.
1 Answer
Mark Sayers Last activity on 8/9/2017 12:25:53 PM by Mark Sayers

What limitations does the source box in the KB Edit have?

What are the limits for putting in custom code in the source box of KB? I am currently trying to make a drop down that is based off an other drop down to guide people to the right article/section. I have tried a few different methods and they work...
3 Answers
Jeremy Zelasko Last activity on 11/18/2016 12:31:58 PM by Jackson Potter

Security role for KB not working as described in help section

According to the help file:

Add Articles: Allows a user to create new Knowledge Base articles.
Always Edit Articles: Allows a user to modify Knowledge Base articles even if the user did not create the articles.

This implies that the u...
3 Answers
Bodek Frak Last activity on 10/5/2016 3:16:05 PM by Mark Sayers

Knowledge Base Permission Issue

Users that do not have the review articles permission cannot set the status of the new article being created from the new ticket or update ticket window. A status drop down box should appear containing the status options of not submitted and subm...
1 Answer
Jude Mmereole Last activity on 8/4/2016 11:50:14 AM by Jamey Stock

We want all employees to be able to upload articles to the Knowledgebase, can this be done?

We want all employees to be able to upload articles to the Knowledgebase, I only see how they can post an article, not an existing document or diagram. I see the article import in Admin, but that has to be a zip file and can only be performed by ...
2 Answers
Lisa Carpenter Last activity on 8/1/2016 5:01:29 PM by Mark Sayers

missing knowledge base article images

We have at least two KB articles where the images are missing. We know they haven't been missing since the creation of the article. Can you tell me what could be the cause of the disappearance and how to fix this? According to https://solutions.t...
1 Answer
Greg Van De Mark Last activity on 7/7/2016 12:00:50 PM by Mark Sayers

Issues getting table formatting to work correctly in KB

We're trying to add some tables into a KB article, but when we try to set formatting on the Table Properties, the settings are not staying. Also, while creating the Table it looks fine, but when we save and view the KB article lines aren't showi...
1 Answer
Kathy Holman Last activity on 2/1/2016 9:30:09 AM by Jamey Stock

knowledge base article feedback enticement, additional feedback in email

If this is configurable by me, please let me know where I can configure; if not, please consider adding this to the TeamDynamix enhancement list. Thanks.
1) We really can't improve our knowledge base articles based on feedback unless the fee...
3 Answers
Greg Van De Mark Last activity on 1/22/2016 12:17:25 PM by Mark Sayers