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notification Templates

Anyone know how I can get the default notification templates? I made a change to 2, and I my need to revert back.
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1 Answer
Michael Rodriguez Last activity on 1/25/2024 9:09:11 AM by Mark Sayers

Department read-only default value

Wondering if anyone know how to add a default value to department and if it can be made ready-only in forms. I am thinking of making a college name static value for departments on all forms.
1 Answer
Michael Rodriguez Last activity on 10/12/2023 1:08:16 PM by Brittany Renn

Ticket Tasks - "Complete Within" Field

Whenever I create a new task for a ticket, the Complete Within field is always set to 1 hour. I'm wondering if there's a way for me to change it in the settings so that the default is 0 hours and that way we can only assign deadlines to tasks tha...
1 Answer
Riley Fay Last activity on 7/6/2023 1:06:39 PM by Brittany Renn

What is the default email sender in "Use the default email sender" in the Outbound Email Settings

Hi all,
We have an SMTP custom email sender set up in our environment, but the documentation as to why is incomplete. I'm trying to figure out why we would have an SMTP sender versus the "default email sender" and need to know what the "Defau...
1 Answer
Damon Stennett Last activity on 8/18/2022 9:39:27 AM by Mark Sayers