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Change Management Workflow Switches Ticket to Service Request

We are implementing change management in our environment and are running into an issue with an approval workflow. The Change form we use creates a Change ticket if the data entered does not trigger the workflow. If the criteria matches...
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Jesse Gobeli Last activity on 2/8/2023 4:33:41 PM by Mark Sayers

iPaaS flow issues

We noticed issues with the workflows associated with iPaaS around 3:18pm yesterday, Monday. Has anyone else experienced issues with their flows, like the one below?​​​​​
System (private)
The "Ticket Status Change: On Hold Awaiting Approva...
1 Answer
Robert Kelly Last activity on 1/24/2023 9:57:54 AM by Mark Sayers

Approvers approving their own request

I have a workflow that references department custom attributes for approvers. For each department, there are custom attributes 'Approver 1' and 'Approver 2' that are both people. I use these custom attributes in the Workflow Approval Step for a p...
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Mariah Rible Last activity on 1/23/2023 1:08:56 PM by Mariah Rible

Workflow Notification Step Recipients

Why is it that in a workflow notification step, the options for who you are able to send a notification to so narrow? Regular ticket notification options are quite robust and I don't understand why an entirly different notification method was dev...
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Carl Amlin Last activity on 1/20/2023 9:47:06 AM by Mark Sayers

Setting Parent ticket using Web Service Methods in Workflow

I am attempting to create a workflow in which tickets are created and the original ticket that the workflow is applied to is set as the parent of the newly created tickets. It appears that the ParentID attribute cannot be edited, and t...
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Anderson Hanchett Last activity on 1/6/2023 1:51:31 PM by Mark Sayers

Hard-Coding Email Address into Web Service Method

I am attempting to use a Web Service Method to send an email to a third-party email address (hard-coded, it will always be the same address). I have started the method using the steps found at
2 Answers
Anderson Hanchett Last activity on 12/7/2022 11:05:04 PM by Anderson Hanchett

raw HTML copied in workflow operations?

Since version 11.5, we have had a workflow that now copies the HTML-ified description of tickets and returns it as raw HTML. I'm not sure how to make it stop doing this, any help would be appreciated.
Example output:
Hello, <br>...
2 Answers
Carly Born Last activity on 2/14/2023 9:51:28 AM by Mark Sayers

Is there a way to bulk-assign/re-assign workflows?

I wanted to know if there is a method for bulk assigning a workflow to a group of tickets.
The key business case for this is the ability to retroactively apply a newly developed work flow to older tickets. This might be for the purpose of re-...
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Samuel Jones Last activity on 11/15/2022 9:03:31 AM by Mark Sayers

Offboarding Workflow and waiting for future date

I have built an off boarding workflow that works great except for one issue. There is no delay for the actual day the user needs to be off boarded.
Example: Supervisor knows a person is leaving in 4 months and starts the process, fills out ...
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Troy Timmerman Last activity on 11/11/2022 8:52:49 AM by Mark Sayers

Deleting a group

I am going through and removing some old groups. I encountered one that I cannot delete. I get the message "This group is responsible for a workflow step and cannot be deleted until the association has been removed."
I have gone through all...
1 Answer
Mathew Chandler Last activity on 11/8/2022 3:45:50 PM by Mark Sayers

API Endpoint to Remove Workflow

Hello Everyone,
I'm looking to remove a workflow from about 600 tickets but cannot find how to do it using the API. I found the ability to assign workflow and some other workflow related API endpoints here:
2 Answers
Ashbinder Saini Last activity on 10/13/2022 4:02:43 PM by OU ITSM Team

Passing Parameter from TDX Workflow to iPaas Flow using Arguments JSON

The KB article Article - TeamDynamix iPaaS Step mentions the abiliity to Send parameter data through the Arguments JSON section of the workflow step. I have not been able to find any information about how to do this in the KB.
The TDX workf...
2 Answers
Will Tonkin Last activity on 8/14/2023 9:40:02 AM by David Tod

Workflows to Create Tickets in Other TDX Applications

We are working on fleshing out an employee onboarding workflow in an HR application that will generate tickets and send email notifications based on needs (such as computer setup by ITS or door access by the locksmith). I wanted to ask...
1 Answer
Anderson Hanchett Last activity on 9/6/2022 2:54:34 PM by Mark Sayers

Multiple API Call methods in one web workflow step

Is it possible to make multiple calls in one web method workflow step? For example, we currently have a task to assign a user to a group, and then set several custom people attributes. In order to do so with the API, one needs to auth using POST ...
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Derek Hickman Last activity on 9/1/2022 4:33:55 PM by Mark Sayers

Searching Workflows for Approvers

I have a request to identify how many service requests we have in our system (and which ones) involve a certain approver. Is there an easy way to search the workflows to see which ones contain this user as an approver?
Thank yo...
1 Answer
Ted Stahl Last activity on 8/18/2022 12:09:30 PM by Mark Sayers

Removing a workflow

Is it possible to give an Enterprise user the ability to remove workflows in a ticketing application? The only thing I can find under the options for a Security Role is to be able to always approve a step, I cannot find anything on removing the ...
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Mathew Chandler Last activity on 7/26/2022 1:20:41 PM by Mark Sayers

Workflow on SLA Violation

I need to be able to take action on a ticket after an SLA has breached that is something other than assigning to a specific person or group. I need to have a workflow run when this happens.
I've tried a number of things and right now I'm see...
1 Answer
Ken Stone Last activity on 7/19/2022 4:45:48 PM by Mark Sayers

Creating Ticket Template With Multiple Ticket Tasks

Hi there,
I have yet to find something that directly addresses what I want to do. I assume that I need to use the Workflow function to achieve this, but want to make sure.
When a new tech starts we have to grant them a bunch of accesses. ...
1 Answer
Damon Stennett Last activity on 6/20/2022 1:16:21 PM by Mark Sayers

Trouble with Web Service Parameter from Workflow

I'm having trouble invoking a web method using a parameter from a previous web method.
The first web method gets the asset from a ticket{{id}}/assets Param...
1 Answer
Torstein Early Last activity on 5/23/2022 12:11:13 PM by Mark Sayers

Security Roles and Workflows

I don't see anything about it in the Security Role notes in TDX, so I probably know the answer. Is there a way to prevent users from running workflows in TDNext but still give them the ability to do other things like edit tickets, assi...
2 Answers
David Mitchell Last activity on 4/26/2022 11:43:11 AM by David Mitchell

Notification to Users with Same "Reports To" Attrib

Is there a good way to generate a notification via workflow to all users with the same manager (reports to)?

It's easy to send a notification to a user's manager but not the other way around.
Let me know if there is a smart way to do thi...
1 Answer
Naomi Langston Last activity on 4/7/2022 1:29:03 PM by Mark Sayers

Adobe Sign Integration

Hello, TDX Community:
I am hoping to build a workflow in TDX that will automatically pull Adobe Sign agreements (in PDF format) and attach them to tickets upon their completion.
I wanted to ask if there was a known library, Web API, or ot...
1 Answer
Anderson Hanchett Last activity on 4/4/2022 9:13:15 AM by Mark Sayers

Choice Step Details

I'd like to add a step to our "Request for Equipment" workflow that allows the technician to choose if the request is standard/pre-approved or non-standard (requires approval step). I thought I could accomplish this with a Choice Step, and inclu...
1 Answer
John Anderson Last activity on 3/17/2022 10:29:04 AM by Mark Sayers

Workflow API Call to Obtain Ticket Description

Good morning:
I have looked over the Web API for workflows and it seems that there is no method for obtaining a ticket's description.
I want to create a workflow that will reassign tickets to other applications if they have particular key...
1 Answer
Anderson Hanchett Last activity on 3/9/2022 1:58:40 PM by Mark Sayers

Workflow notification footer

In production, notifications generated in a workflow step have a footer about commenting with the ticket alphanumeric code. Can we customize the email to remove this?
1 Answer
David Tod Last activity on 3/7/2022 10:51:56 AM by Mark Sayers