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Choice Field Custom Attribute in body of Create Second Ticket Web Service Method Autopopulate from original ticket.

Good Morning again, and hopefully the last time for a while,

In the Create Second Ticket Web Service method, I want to pull a custom attribute choice field filled out by the end user over to the new ticket.
Ex. I have a drop down Ch...
1 Answer
Irene Muller Last activity on 7/11/2024 4:16:32 PM by Brittany Renn

How do I Change Responsible on Second ticket created in a workflow but not the original?

Good Morning Again ( I assume Mark and Brittany will respond, to which I say Hello!),
Day 3 of working with Web service methods and Workflows and I have a new question. I have a workflow web service method that creates a second ticket. I'd li...
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Irene Muller Last activity on 7/10/2024 10:12:37 AM by Mark Sayers

Combined Task and Workflow Step Report

I've noticed that some technicians are missing workflow steps and or tasks. Can I create a single report that contains incomplete workflow steps and tasks regardless of ticket status? Or do you have another approach?
1 Answer
John Anderson Last activity on 6/20/2024 4:36:19 PM by Mark Sayers

Workflow approver

Is there a way to use an email provided by a requester in a form to then use that email/person as an approver in a step in a workflow? If it cannot be done via the field is there a way for some one to add it manually during the workflo...
1 Answer
Michael Rodriguez Last activity on 5/21/2024 9:07:53 AM by Mark Sayers

Assigning a ticket to the CI owner group

Here's what we're trying to do:
The user fills in a form and selects the appropriate Application Configuration Item (CI). The Application CI has an assigned owner group. Assign responsibility for the ticket to the owner group.
It seems th...
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Steve Cade Last activity on 5/20/2024 4:46:42 PM by Mark Sayers

KB Workflow

Anyone know if it would be possible to create a approval workflow for KBs? It doesn't look like there is a way to attach a workflow to KBs. If not, are there any recommendations on automating an approval process?
1 Answer
Michael Rodriguez Last activity on 5/10/2024 4:10:37 PM by Mark Sayers

Adding images to workflow Notification steps

Is it possible to add an image to the Notification email sent out via a Notification step in a workflow? We'd like the notification to include our logo and were wondering if it's possible.

1 Answer
Erin Tramble Last activity on 4/24/2024 11:02:44 AM by Mark Sayers

Workflow Notification Step

Hi all,
Can someone please help me understand the what the purpose of the Recipient Role(s) selection in the notification step? Looks like it isn't required. Thank you.
1 Answer
Michael Rodriguez Last activity on 2/21/2024 8:10:05 AM by David Tod

Workflow feed entry visibility

Is there a way to make workflow feed entries, such as "X approved this request" not private on the ticket feed? We have some approvers who want to see the approval history on a ticket.
1 Answer
Mariah Rible Last activity on 2/5/2024 12:51:51 PM by Mark Sayers

Clear or Force Updating the Required Type Field

We've implemented new Type categorization. We have a generic Type that we use as a placeholder for email intake. We would like our staff to always update the Type on the ticket after submission. Is there a way to force our staff to update this fi...
1 Answer
Julien Rossow-Greenberg Last activity on 1/25/2024 11:26:31 AM by Mark Sayers

Retrieving User Location from API

I am currently working on a workflow where I am hoping to send a notification to a specific group based of a users location. The issue I am having is that the it is not the requestors location that I am needing, but a users that the re...
1 Answer
Tuscun McFarlen Last activity on 11/22/2023 9:29:19 AM by Mark Sayers

Getting an Email from a Person attribute

I have a form where the user selects an "affected account" which is a person attribute. Then, I have a workflow that needs to send a notification, and the notification body must include the email of the "affected account". However, the person fie...
2 Answers
Tamara Buch Last activity on 10/25/2023 12:28:39 PM by Tamara Buch

Workflow Tasks showing under "Awaiting Approval"

I have a form that is used for laptop repairs and technicians go through a list of inspections and mark if components work. When the ticket is submitted the workflow checks if any of the fields were marked as "repair needed" and then creates a ta...
1 Answer
Tyler Steele Last activity on 10/18/2023 11:00:08 AM by Mark Sayers

Workflow Timer Step

Hello everyone, is there a known issue with the Timer service in TDX Workflows?
I have a 1 minute timer in a couple different workflows, but it never takes 1 minute. It usually takes about 5 minutes, but I've seen it take over 10 minutes as w...
1 Answer
Tamara Buch Last activity on 10/11/2023 4:31:03 PM by Mark Sayers

Report for Workflow Approvals

Is there a way to get a report that will show all workflow approvals and who was the user that approved it?
I'm trying to get a count on who is the majority approver for our workflows, but I'm only seeing the ability to get a report on Workfl...
1 Answer
Nathan Ignatz Last activity on 8/15/2023 2:22:40 PM by Brittany Renn

Creating a new ticket in a separate ticketing app with workflow

Is there a way to have a workflow in App A create a ticket in App B without using web services or iPaaS?
1 Answer
Jason Rider Last activity on 8/11/2023 11:21:20 AM by Brittany Renn

I have a new form that does not allow workflow to be assigned.

Assign workflow is not in the Actions list. It is a Public form.
1 Answer
JAMES HOUSEHOLDER Last activity on 8/3/2023 8:57:59 AM by Brittany Renn

Integration with Microsoft Entra's Lifecycle Workflows in the future?

I know this is a new feature, so I'll understand if this is something that has yet to be discussed, but is there any possibility of integrating with Microsoft Entra's new Lifecycle Workflows in the future to further enhance how workflows process?...
1 Answer
Darrin Johnson, Jr. Last activity on 7/26/2023 3:18:15 PM by Mark Sayers

Report on tickets that have a workflow completed

We have a work flow called Networking Firewall, we need to run a report based on which of dozen of tickets have this workflow completed.
1 Answer
Anita Barrett Last activity on 7/25/2023 11:49:49 AM by Mark Sayers

Automation Rule not applying workflow to ticket

We have a automation rule that grabs a certain type of ticket, and then changes the impact, urgency, priority, and assigns to a workflow. The automation rule works-ish. I successfully changes the responsibility, impact, urgency, but fa...
1 Answer
Justin Gonzales Last activity on 7/12/2023 9:27:51 AM by Brittany Renn

Notifications on Status Change

We have specific tickets (All under a specific service) that will need to notify a specific group of people when resolved/closed & Opened/Created. We are using an automation rule to assign the ticket to a specific workflow th...
1 Answer
Rik Miller Last activity on 6/27/2023 9:05:29 AM by Brittany Renn

wait for previous workflow steps to be completed

I have created a workflow that has worked fine, but the people using the workflow wants the final step to wait until all the other steps have been completed.
I know this can be done (using wait for previous steps to be completed), but I canno...
1 Answer
Mathew Chandler Last activity on 6/26/2023 9:44:43 AM by Brittany Renn

Approval step 'access denied'

We have a request process that uses a workflow to get approval. We ran into a strange issue. In this scenario, there were 4 potential approvers (only 1 required). After the first approver had approved the ticket, the subsequent approve...
1 Answer
Mariah Rible Last activity on 6/14/2023 1:27:14 PM by Mark Sayers

Workflow Conditions

I am trying to create a workflow that would auto-close tickets for my team after 3 weeks if no updates have been made and the ticket is in certain statuses. I want it to start a 2-week timer once the ticket is assigned to our group, an...
1 Answer
Miranda Bielecki Last activity on 6/8/2023 1:09:53 PM by Mark Sayers

Putting Ticket attribute information into ticket tasks automatically.

We have created a work flow that generates tasks if certain conditions are met. I am wondering if there is a way that we can automatically take form attributes that are pertinant to the tasks and have them automatically populate the ta...
1 Answer
Justin Gonzales Last activity on 4/10/2023 1:41:15 PM by Mark Sayers