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Application Locks - TDX iPaaS Administration

Hello, TDX friends! I'm learning as much as possible, all things iPaaS. The extensive KB documentation for iPaaS is absolutely invaluable. There's an Application Locks tool, in the Monitoring tab for administrators. For the life of me, I can'...
1 Answer
Ron Vallejo Last activity on 12/20/2023 10:27:36 AM by Mark Sayers

Client license access to Assest/CI

Is a user with a client license able to access Asset/CI applications? For my client users the application is greyed out.
Also where do I set the default applications for a client?
We're creating some forms where we want the ticket submi...
1 Answer
Nathaniel Obee Last activity on 11/8/2022 2:59:17 PM by Brittany Renn

API method for assigning access to an application

Is there a way to assign application access through the API? For example, grant a user access to the "My Work" application.
1 Answer
Krzystztof Chrzastowski Last activity on 9/13/2022 1:48:20 PM by Mark Sayers

Using Relationships and Developing a CMDB Between Two Applications

We are in the very beginning of developing relationships between our assets and creating a CMDB, however we have two asset applications -- would it be possible to develop relationships/CIs between applications? Or would it be more ben...
1 Answer
Em Charny Last activity on 2/24/2022 2:30:37 PM by Mark Sayers