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Notification Not Being Sent

It appears as though notification are NOT being sent when replying to comments from TD emails. The original person Wayne wasn't notified when Krystal replied to his comment from Outlook. The comment was processed through our TDReplies email acco...
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Vernon Ferrell Last activity on 11/18/2014 3:03:05 PM by Drake Sigler

How does enabling a notification template change the notifications?

What does enabling a notification template do? My assumption is that until the template is "enabled" the system uses the out of the box format and once a template is enabled the system then uses the customized template. Is that correct?
2 Answers
Kent Hoeg Last activity on 3/26/2015 8:14:36 PM by Marcus Demas

Question about why an ex-user is still receiving TD notifications

According to the attached email, Joseph Danko, a student at Manhattan is still receiving notifications from TeamDynamix after being converted to a customer. Why?
1 Answer
Richard Musal Last activity on 9/10/2014 5:27:40 PM by Drake Sigler

Notifications: Status Update Reminders

Hi - We are considering activating Status Update reminders in TDx. We'd like to know what the parameters are which trigger delivery of a status update reminder. For example, does the project need to be active? G-Y-R (not No Status)? Can we set ...
1 Answer
Amy (Dube) Hodgdon Last activity on 9/4/2014 10:57:49 AM by Brandon Montgomery

Time Report Alerts

There are 2 time report alerts:

1. Time Report is Due

2. Time Report is Overdue

When do these reports get sent out? Is there a way to modify the day/time

they get sent out?

Please advise.
1 Answer
Michael Abelaj Last activity on 8/26/2014 5:07:31 PM by Michael Abelaj

Who is notified of KB article feedback?

Who gets the email that is generated? Is that configurable by us?

I could not find this subject in the help section.
1 Answer
Greg Van De Mark Last activity on 8/26/2014 11:19:31 AM by Adam Torres