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Deleting Ticket Comments?

Hello, is there a way now to delete a comment from a ticket? I didn't think so but when checking I read this answer and it led me to believe that you can.
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Stacey Marriott Last activity on 10/19/2021 5:03:51 PM by Christasia Bloom

Formatting of Ticket Description when generated from an Email

When we have a ticket that is generated from an email the ticket description does not format over correctly. TD puts in multiple spaces and returns making the ticket very long in some cases. Please see the image below. Our email client is Microso...
1 Answer
Luecrita Haraughty Last activity on 1/29/2021 11:29:41 AM by Mark Sayers

Dynamic Ticket "Title"

I want to standardize the ticket titles by service using the custom forms, however I would like to take other information that is input to the ticket to populate the Title. For example, We utilize something called "Affiliation Agreements&quo...
4 Answers
Elizabeth Precht Last activity on 4/18/2018 9:41:30 AM by Mark Sayers

Do people use cards to mange work for Incident and/or Service Request Tickets?

Ithaca College is preparing to implement ticketing in the next couple of months. We are having a discussion around the use of cards and the card wall to mange the work associated with Incident and/or Service Request Tickets. We are interested i...
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Bill Liddick Last activity on 9/25/2017 4:31:33 PM by Kathy Holman