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Deleting inappropriate KB article feedback

According to the answer to this question , we should now be able to delete/remove feedback to a KB article. I can't seem to find how to do so. Can you help? As an aside, there are a few references to "admin > client portal > settings....
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Greg Van De Mark Last activity on 5/4/2017 2:15:04 PM by Greg Van De Mark

Resource Assignment Percentages 9.4 Web Plan Manager

Is it possible to edit resource assignment percentages in the web plan manager in 9.4? Even with the plan checked out I can't seem to change the percentage assignment. I can change it from the desktop plan manger and the changes get saved so I ca...
3 Answers
Andrew Lutzuk Last activity on 9/22/2016 1:32:43 PM by Mark Sayers

9.4 Release Notes

Would you please send me the release notes for 9.4? I have tried several times with links provided but it wants a login that isn't working - we're SSO at WCU but can't get there. There is no link in TD Community in the Releases tab for the next r...
1 Answer
Joe Savage Last activity on 7/28/2016 2:04:44 PM by Mark Sayers

9.4 Preview Environment - Time Tracking on Project Requests

Preview Environment - I am trying to figure out who/how one is able to add time to a request? Does one have to be added as a Resource before the request is submitted? Once the request is submitted, there is no longer access to add a resource, so ...
2 Answers
Cindy Rodriguez Last activity on 8/12/2016 6:30:12 PM by Peter Mosinskis

9.4 Upgrade on 8/6/2016

Hi TDX Support,

We have a TDX as a SaaS. Can you please tell me when the upgrade will be happening on Saturday 8/6/2016. I am looking for a start time and an end time. I am looking for Pacific Standard Time. Also, will down time be intermitt...
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Melissa Bergem Last activity on 7/21/2016 1:50:28 PM by Matt Sayers

Release 9.4 - Time charging to Project request

In the upcoming 9.4 release, there is a new feature where we can charge time towards a project request - can the time roll into the project details once the request gets converted into a project? Could you provide more details on this?
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Namrata Mediratta Last activity on 8/19/2016 4:44:48 PM by Robert Osur

Release Notes for version 9.4

I cannot find the release notes for the new version 9.4. I searched the knowledge base and could not find them.

Sorry, I would have posted a question in the portal but I just re-set my password (not sure why it was not valid as I ha...
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Susan McGillivray Last activity on 7/18/2016 3:37:27 PM by Mark Sayers