Looking for the Resource Management Overview Video (Dead Link in KB Article 31399)

I found this comment in the " Getting Started with Resource Management " KB article:
"For more information on how to set up Workspaces for scheduling non-project work, you can view a resource management overview video in our c...
1 Answer
Sarah Glatz Last activity on 2/28/2023 5:10:54 PM by Brittany Renn

asset app for services/service offerings questions

We're exploring the value of having a separate asset app for services / service offerings and have a few questions:
Would having a separate asset app for services/service offerings would be helpful perhaps for things like maintenan...
1 Answer
Kay Kazinski Last activity on 2/27/2023 5:07:35 PM by Brittany Renn

Creating one Report that includes tickets from two applications

I am looking at creating one report that pulls ticket data from two Applications (App 1 & App 2). I have full control over App 2, but limited control over App 1. I tried to create a report in App 2 with the condition that Applicat...
1 Answer
Justin Gonzales Last activity on 2/24/2023 1:28:27 PM by Mark Sayers

Should we get a notification that an email monitor is not working?

We have a monitor on a mailbox where the password had expired (my fault, since corrected). It's not a commonly-used monitor, so no one noticed until someone checked the logs for unrelated reasons. Should we be seeing any sort of notice that the m...
1 Answer
Patrick LaFollette Last activity on 2/24/2023 11:59:04 AM by Mark Sayers

Adding a single resource to multiple projects...

We have a new PM joining our team in a few weeks. Is there a way to add this new team member as a resource to multiple projects at once? Or do we have to add them to each individual project that we want them to be a member of?
1 Answer
Duane Theleman Last activity on 2/24/2023 11:11:38 AM by Brittany Renn

Asset/CI Ticket Attribute

I am looking for KB articles or information on the Asset/CI Attribute.
I have an asset application that isn't showing up for this attribute when I go to put it on a Ticket Form.
2 Answers
OU ITSM Team Last activity on 2/23/2023 4:45:10 PM by OU ITSM Team


Is it possible to have the feed in a workspace give a combined feed of all the items in the workspace? Also, an extension of this is the calendar, can it show calendar items of projects, tickets, and tasks that have been added to the workspace?
1 Answer
Tanya Anderson Last activity on 2/22/2023 3:58:50 PM by Mark Sayers

iPaaS Connector - Custom Actions data structures

I am adding a custom action to a connector and wondering how to build one that uses a nested JSON structure. Does anyone have any pointers?
2 Answers
David Tod Last activity on 3/2/2023 1:06:52 PM by David Tod

Automation to apply a Form

I set up an automation rule to use a specific form with custom attributes. The ticket creation did use the form, but the custom attributes do not appear on the ticket until I 'edit' the ticket. The form is the correct one and the custom attribu...
1 Answer
Jack Gallemore Last activity on 2/22/2023 11:22:42 AM by David Tod

Using mixed time units in project plans

Is it possible to use .5 days or 4 hours in a project plan while other task durations are in days?
1 Answer
Peter Abashian Last activity on 2/22/2023 9:05:01 AM by Mark Sayers

Notify Users When the Assignment Group on a Ticket has Changed

We are wondering if its possible to create a trigger to send a Notification to the Requester when a ticket is updated and a new primary group assignment is given. We're not sure how tricky this would be, since we don't care if a technician assign...
1 Answer
Tyler Whitney Last activity on 2/22/2023 9:09:35 AM by Brittany Renn

Nested JSON Array Key/Pair Access via Templates

In one Project we use a “Template” to setup a JSON variable file which can be used without having to redeploy/publish the Flow. With that he has a structure like follows:
“a” : ”1”,
“b” : ”2”.

Then we us...
1 Answer
Alex Haberer Last activity on 2/17/2023 2:36:45 PM by Mark Sayers

attach Child Ticket Web Service

I am attempting to create a workflow that has automation that when a major incident (sev 1 for us) is created, a workflow will use web services to create a parent problem ticket.
I see the below article how how to create a child ...
1 Answer
Alex Turek Last activity on 2/17/2023 1:33:56 PM by Mark Sayers

Apply Ticket Template automatically

It seems the only way to apply a ticket template is through the UI. Is there an automated way using Automation, Workflow or APIs?
1 Answer
Bobby Jones Last activity on 2/17/2023 11:42:50 AM by Mark Sayers

Restricting access to individual projects in Analysis

Is it possible to restrict users' ability to view certain projects in Analysis module? I was under the impression that this could be done using project "Type", specifically by setting "Groups" section to "Allow ONLY the associated groups below to...
1 Answer
Bodek Frak Last activity on 2/16/2023 2:56:37 PM by Mark Sayers

What is Needed For a User To Access a Workspace

Hello, I've added members to a workspace and made sure they have the workspace application checked in their User record but they are still getting a message saying they do not have permission. In my searches here all I've found is that they need ...
1 Answer
Rachel Renckly Last activity on 2/16/2023 10:19:52 AM by Mark Sayers

User report for Client portal with specific filter not visible

What is the best way to get a report of number of total portal application users but need to filter out by security role of NOT "Client +KnowledgeBase".
I do not see a filter in TDAdmin to be able to do this and TDAdmin limit on rows exported...
1 Answer
Sharon Jarmoc Last activity on 2/15/2023 5:00:45 PM by Brittany Renn

Adding Files to Closed Projects

Is there a way to add files to a closed project in TDNext or TDAdmin? I have checked the Files tab and there does not seem to be an option to add files there. The Briefcase tab is absent on the project in question.
Thank you.
1 Answer
Anderson Hanchett Last activity on 2/15/2023 2:16:50 PM by Mark Sayers

Best Way to Organize Cards in Each List

I have a Card Wall plan that has three tasks for each team. I would like to keep them organized to show all of the first tasks, for each team, together and then further down the list we would see the second task for each team. I've be...
1 Answer
Rachel Renckly Last activity on 2/15/2023 2:14:44 PM by Mark Sayers

Update Start/End Dates on All Cards in a List

Is there a way to update the Start/End dates on more than one card at a time? In the Waterfall Plans you can edit the dates and drag that date down to update multiple tasks at once. Is there a way to do something similar to all the car...
1 Answer
Rachel Renckly Last activity on 2/15/2023 2:02:49 PM by Mark Sayers

Project Issue Notifications

I have several questions about project issues and their notifications.
Can issues notify someone other than the project manager by default when they are created? Do updates to issues automatically notify the person responsible? Can th...
1 Answer
Mariah Rible Last activity on 2/14/2023 3:54:29 PM by Mark Sayers

In Ticketing system how to make form field required

I need to set some of the field on my form to be required, but I see no way to do that. The answer I found in the KB was from 2016 and references a non-existing link:
Here is the link to our article on Adding/Modifying service form fields for ...
2 Answers
Will Tonkin Last activity on 2/14/2023 4:07:18 PM by Will Tonkin

Trying to update custom attribute fields on a ticket

Hi all,
I am trying to update a custom attribute that is on a ticket, although I cannot seem to get anything to populate there. I am able to update other fields such as the title with no issues. The way the code is right now it runs with no i...
1 Answer
Brandon Ferrotta Last activity on 2/14/2023 1:23:26 PM by Mark Sayers

Auto Reply to Requester of Unsuccessful Email Replies

Hi there,
We have an email reply setup and whenever someone emails that address directly to submit a ticket it sends that email into the unsuccessful folder and produces an email regarding the Subject not having a reply token, which is sent t...
1 Answer
Damon Stennett Last activity on 2/13/2023 4:53:02 PM by Mark Sayers

Notify Field Blank

We noticed recently that when we update a ticket, the notify field is now blank. Previously, it was auto-filled with the requestor contact info.
Is this a new release change? Can we change it back so that it auto-fills with the requestor in...
1 Answer
Simon Chau Last activity on 2/13/2023 4:39:18 PM by Mark Sayers

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