Is 11.5 available for installed customers?

Is 11.5 available for installed customers?
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Amy (Dube) Hodgdon Last activity on 10/26/2022 1:44:50 PM by Mark Sayers

Knowledge Base

Is there some type of tutorial with best practices regarding searching successfully in the Knowledge Base we have set up with TDX? I have some employees who find it difficult to locate or find articles they may be needing. A tutorial on best way...
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Denise McCarthy Last activity on 10/27/2022 9:56:37 AM by Brittany Renn

Service Offering does not delete even though shows "deleted"

When I delete a particular Service Offering it shows that it has been "deleted" but yet
still shows up in the list of Service Offerings.
1 Answer
Sharon Jarmoc Last activity on 10/25/2022 2:44:49 PM by Mark Sayers

Users seeing duplicate desktops in TDNext

User who have had a desktop template shared with them are seeing duplicates of some (but not all) of the desktops listed in the drop down. The desktops appear to be identical when opened. Screenshot attached. I have the same desktop and do not se...
1 Answer
Tracey Davis Last activity on 10/25/2022 2:23:26 PM by Mark Sayers

Weird Error when trying to activate TD Email Monitor

I am currently trying to set up a TD Email Monitor (which I have done before), but for some reason I keep getting the following error:
"Could not connect to server. Please check to make sure the credentials, server name, and port ...
1 Answer
Jason Badia Last activity on 10/25/2022 1:03:29 PM by Mark Sayers

Attributes not used on a Form

Is there a way to see which attributes are currently not in use on any forms other than clicking on Form Usage for each Attribute in Admin?
1 Answer
Erin Tramble Last activity on 10/25/2022 12:57:37 PM by Mark Sayers

Expiring Certificate

We are seeing a message about the expiring Shibboleth certificate periodically while signing into TDX. We were using Shibboleth in the past, but switched to Microsoft Azure in May. I'm guessing we can just ignore this message, but I wanted to dou...
1 Answer
Bodek Frak Last activity on 10/25/2022 10:32:47 AM by Mark Sayers

Change Start & Due Dates using a workflow

We want to make Start & Due dates read-only and then use a workflow webservice method to update those fields from custom attributes. I am having a hard time referencing the Start & Due dates. This is what I have so far:
{"op": "a...
1 Answer
Mary McKenzie Last activity on 10/24/2022 3:52:23 PM by Mark Sayers

Form Entry Accessibility?

The UO Accessibility Director (DAA) is telling us that the TeamDynamix Form entry is not accessible and does not Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 guidelines, and we may have to stop using TeamDynamix if we can't find accessible w...
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 10/24/2022 1:22:15 PM by Mark Sayers

Custom Time Type and adding to a specific form

My organization wants to start tracking time in Incident forms. I've created the types and activated them, but how to I add them to the T&E tab in an Incident form? When i click the +Add Time button in the T&E tab, all I get in ...
1 Answer
Eugene McGeehan Last activity on 10/21/2022 12:01:07 PM by Mark Sayers

Stop auto-populating Sponsor field with Requestor name

On our project request form, it is auto-populating the Sponsor field with the name of the requestor. Is there anyway to stop that from auto-populating? Our requestors are not usually the executive sponsor of projects and we would like them to ent...
1 Answer
Tracey Davis Last activity on 10/21/2022 11:17:14 AM by Mark Sayers

Workflow Approver Removal

Is there a way to see which workflows a user is responsible for approving? For example, users may leave the university and are associated with various workflow, is there a way to remove them and add someone else without having to search each work...
2 Answers
Vivian Spencer Last activity on 10/21/2022 2:09:23 PM by Bryan Weist

Deactivate and Delete Unused Custom Status

Please see below, and I am trying to customize statuses for a new ticketing application and cannot delete a newly created customer status that is not used anywhere or deactivate a predefined status. I don't see anywhere the Open and Cancelled st...
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 10/20/2022 9:00:37 AM by Mark Sayers

Creating a New Notification Template

Good Afternoon,
We have a ticketing application that several departments share. Is there a way to create a ticket workflow step notification for a specific workflow that will not affect the other workflows in the application?
1 Answer
Valencia Ingram Last activity on 10/19/2022 4:25:17 PM by Mark Sayers

People Import Key (API)

We are migrating our email to a single domain next month. Previously, a large population (students) were on a different email domain. Student accounts are imported as customers, but we have not always set the Organizational ID for students, and...
1 Answer
Scott Cory Last activity on 10/18/2022 4:36:11 PM by Mark Sayers

Dark Mode

Some of our users of TDX are inquiring about the dark mode. Is this something that is on the roadmap?
1 Answer
Bodek Frak Last activity on 10/17/2022 10:07:12 AM by Mark Sayers

Move Task to a Different Plan?

Is there a way to move a Project Task to a different Plan within the same Project (both are waterfall)? I'm trying to consolidate them and a couple of Tasks have recorded hours and updates.
1 Answer
Sara Ainsworth Last activity on 10/17/2022 9:24:06 AM by Mark Sayers

Best Way to Find Reports With a Specific Attribute On it

Hello, We've recently created a new project attribute to replace one we were using (we weren't able to edit the attribute type so needed a new one). I need to swap out the old attribute for the new one on all the reports it's currently on. What i...
1 Answer
Rachel Renckly Last activity on 10/13/2022 10:56:03 AM by Mark Sayers

Service/Type not changing for some Forms

We have a public service request form that is used by walk-in users to create their own ticket. Once the ticket is created, a technician will edit the request to change the Form to match their request. In most cases, when the form is selected, ...
1 Answer
Scott Cory Last activity on 10/12/2022 7:25:54 PM by Scott Cory

Protected custom Person attributes

Is it possible to create custom Person attributes that are Protected?
1 Answer
Anna-Liisa Breit Last activity on 10/13/2022 9:00:32 AM by Mark Sayers

missing public desktop

As a user or an admin (can't remember which), I created a public desktop that I linked to from the TDClient home page. That link is now broken and I'm trying to locate the desktop.
It isn't in Admin → Applications → (client portal) → Users &a...
1 Answer
Greg Van De Mark Last activity on 10/11/2022 2:13:01 PM by Mark Sayers

Report for the last 3 years of Teamdynamix incidents

Is there a way to get a report for the last 3 years of TeamDynamix Incidents and corresponding resolutions?
1 Answer
Sharon Jarmoc Last activity on 10/11/2022 9:23:53 AM by Mark Sayers

Upload Times / Push Upload

Does anyone know what times the manual user imports happen, and if there is a way to force the upload for testing?
1 Answer
James Josleyn Last activity on 10/10/2022 11:24:22 AM by Mark Sayers

TDX email service

The email which generated their ticket resides in , which they don't have permissions to send from. An attempt to reply from the ticket or directly to will go to an unmonitored inbox a...
1 Answer
Sharon Jarmoc Last activity on 10/7/2022 4:55:44 PM by Mark Sayers

Bulk Update an Asset Without Changing Status?

We recently added a custom attribute to all of our assets, and now we're trying to do a bulk update using the Asset Import xlsx spreadsheet.
However we don't want to alter the 'Status' of the assets, and that seems to be a required fi...
1 Answer
Nathan Ignatz Last activity on 10/7/2022 1:15:05 PM by Mark Sayers

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