Reports To field

If we want to populate the 'Reports To' field, what information needs captured?
TD User ID, UserName, Authentication Username?
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Kathy Holman Last activity on 5/28/2021 12:13:38 PM by Scott Cory

Viewing Time Cards

Can a supervisor view the time card of one of the people who report to them?
4 Answers
Roger Bias Last activity on 11/4/2015 10:28:49 AM by Mark Sayers

Mobile view not recording First Read

We are seeing that a technician viewed and commented on a ticket from the Mobile View but the ticket didn't update that the technician 'first read' the ticket. Is this intended or is there a bug?

I added the screen shots. Yo...
3 Answers
Danee Gunka Schwartz Last activity on 11/4/2015 2:19:12 PM by Mark Sayers

SMU: DATA migration from BMC Footprints 11.0.2 to Team Dynamix

We are looking to migrate from BMC Footprints 11.0.2 to TeamDynamix - we have been informed that many other customers have successfully migrated from this platform before. Can you provide the scripts used by other clients to successfully ...
1 Answer
Liliane Bassil Last activity on 11/3/2015 3:18:34 PM by Mark Sayers

How do I change email content on ticket alerts, where I added alerts to a ticket

I noticed the email messages I receive where I added Alerts for myself to a ticket, are not formatted like the system ticket alerts. How can I change formatting on these Alerts?
Ticket: TD Title Task Bug
ID: 1099609
Status: ...
2 Answers
Kathy Holman Last activity on 11/3/2015 2:09:31 PM by Kathy Holman

How to prevent Ticket Users from editing after a ticket has been assigned

We would like to prevent ticket users from editing the original info when a ticket is assigned. We would like them to use the Update option only when dealing with tickets. Is this possible and if so how?
3 Answers
Lorraine Helson Last activity on 11/3/2015 1:08:10 PM by Mark Sayers

Is there a way to copy an existing Ticketing Application to create a new Ticketing Application?


We have a series of Ticketing Applications that are similar, and it would greatly help if we could copy an existing Ticketing Application to create a new Ticketing Application, is this possible?

Thank you,

1 Answer
Lisa Carpenter Last activity on 11/2/2015 1:45:09 PM by Mark Sayers

Unable to add application administrator in 9.2 preview environment

I'm having trouble adding an application administrator in the 9.2 preview environment.
I'm an administrator and I can get to the page where I add a user but when I choose the magnifying glass I can't seem to come up with any combination of fi...
4 Answers
Kimberly Lawrence Last activity on 11/12/2015 11:14:44 AM by Kimberly Lawrence

SSO + Custom Domain in release preview environment

Is it possible to use SSO in the release preview environment if you have a custom domain configured? I understand from the notes on that "URLs not in the scheme of * (i.e. vanity URL...
3 Answers
Jason Donnell Last activity on 10/30/2015 2:18:53 PM by Mark Sayers

Creating External Form to generate TD Tickets

We are currently using the Email Service to convert the results of an external form to a TD Ticket. However, we are seeing limitations to this approach. For example, we have about 60 email accounts dedicated to this service to handle the differ...
2 Answers
Arlen Strader Last activity on 11/3/2015 1:10:12 PM by Arlen Strader


Why can't you ask a question in Questions?
1 Answer
Dawn McIntosh Last activity on 10/30/2015 11:34:31 AM by Mark Sayers

My Work – My Assignments

In My Work – My Assignments you can sort by Priority. Is there a way to save that?
1 Answer
Dawn McIntosh Last activity on 10/30/2015 11:14:42 AM by Mark Sayers

Asset Screen

I know there's no way to move around the fields in the Asset input screen but is there a way to delete fields so they just don't appear? We don't put costs in at all and it appears to be required although a zero amount is there by default, it wo...
1 Answer
Lorraine Helson Last activity on 10/29/2015 2:30:41 PM by Mark Sayers

Add attribute to Ticket report filtering

I'm trying to create a report that allows me to return CLOSED tickets in a date range. However, the "closed" attribute is not an option to filter by. Resolved exists, and perhaps we should have been using resolved and not closed but now...
1 Answer
Will Turek Last activity on 10/29/2015 11:57:23 AM by Mark Sayers

client requestors can view ?

Can client licensed users see project info and projects plans from within the portal under certain circumstances (e.g., if stakeholder).

If what would need to be put in place in order for them to view the projects?

If sponsor? If stakeh...
1 Answer
Andy Novak Last activity on 10/29/2015 11:37:25 AM by Mark Sayers

Rest API

Good Afternoon,

We were attempting to pull some information from the Finance application through the API and noticed that the Finance application doesn't seem to have a way to pull data from the API, we are looking to do some separate analys...
1 Answer
Nate Swanson Last activity on 10/29/2015 11:34:09 AM by Mark Sayers

custom status class - New vs In Process

What is the difference between the two status classes 'New' and 'In Process'. I don't see any change in the options for the field 'Health' or any other field when the custom status class is changed from New to In Process or vice versa.
1 Answer
Mrunalini Kulkarni Last activity on 10/29/2015 11:30:22 AM by Mark Sayers

Technician cannot access application ticketing feed

We have set a new admin with admin rights to one of our sister ticketing applications. The new admin cannot view any tickets sent to him or his group (other technicians can). New admin settings have all been mirrored to the previous admin. Please...
1 Answer
Rocky Hively Last activity on 10/29/2015 11:25:28 AM by Mark Sayers

Ticket Merge Issue

Good afternoon!

We've come across an issue that's arisen since our update to version 9. Previously, new tickets merged into existing tickets would show the full content of the new ticket after being merged. Now, whenever a new ticket is mer...
1 Answer
Megan Clark Last activity on 10/29/2015 11:17:39 AM by Mark Sayers

Deleting Portfolio

Is there a way to delete a portfolio or change the manager of a portfolio
as an admin?
2 Answers
Lisa Veloz Last activity on 10/29/2015 11:11:15 AM by Mark Sayers

Questions Module Moved to Client Portal but Password Syncing between Community and Client Portal Missing

When I enter Community from our TeamDynamix production SaaS environment and then click Questions, it opens another browser window with the Client Portal showing the main Questions module page but I am forced to sign-in again. Why does it not sync...
1 Answer
Sabre Stacey Last activity on 10/29/2015 11:04:37 AM by Mark Sayers

Create Client Portal Account


I would like to create Team Dynamix account to access a project created by my colleague.
How should I proceed in creation of the account,I was unable to find the links to create an account.

1 Answer
Vamshi Audepu Last activity on 10/29/2015 10:59:14 AM by Mark Sayers

No Values appearing in Chart Value drop down

Team Dynamix Support,

I am trying to create a chart on a report and no values are appearing in
the value drop down. Therefore I can't save.

I know there are values there.
1 Answer
Lisa Veloz Last activity on 10/29/2015 10:55:18 AM by Mark Sayers

Mass Delete of Tickets

We had a situation where tickets were created so they could be converted to tasks. We had a situation where we needed to make changes to the project outside of TD so we exported the plan and deleted it from TD. All the tickets came back. We have ...
1 Answer
Adam Reider Last activity on 10/29/2015 10:14:00 AM by Mark Sayers

Asset Import

We are looking to import our assets from another system (Footprints) into Team Dynamix and using the template, it doesn't appear to be any field that will import the Lease # (Contract # in TD). How would we do this? I know that we will need to ...
1 Answer
Lorraine Helson Last activity on 10/29/2015 11:22:21 AM by Jamey Stock

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