Pending Time Reports

What is the interval for the TeamDynamix: Pending Time Reports and what triggers them to get sent?
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Kathy Holman Last activity on 3/3/2016 10:02:20 AM by Jamey Stock

Workspace Schedule limit?

Our Enterprise Portfolio Management Office is setting up Schedules in Workspaces. They are seeing that the schedule only goes out for one year. Is this configurable? They were hoping for a 2 - 3 year window. I'm unfamiliar with these settings. Th...
2 Answers
Chuck Renninger Last activity on 2/26/2016 2:19:48 PM by Chuck Renninger

KB article URL

Why does TeamDynamix truncate (KB article) URLs in TDNext and TDClient (although they are not truncated in the email to the customer)? People cannot click on them to get to the information.

You can right click on the truncated URL to copy th...
1 Answer
Greg Van De Mark Last activity on 2/26/2016 11:55:44 AM by Mark Sayers

Is it possible to reclassify exiting tickets?

We had some tickets mistakenly created as "Incidents" while they were in fact "Service Requests". I noticed that when I open an incident ticket, I have the option to "Convert to Project Request" and "Convert to ...
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Bodek Frak Last activity on 2/26/2016 1:28:02 PM by Bodek Frak

Is it possible to edit "Requestor" attribute?

I would like to replace default "Description/Help" text associated with the "Requestor" attribute. I do not see this attribute on the list of attributes in Admin, I suspect it's hidden because ot its role. Is there a way to do...
1 Answer
Bodek Frak Last activity on 2/26/2016 9:54:15 AM by Mark Sayers

Report Display - Can we adjust Column Width etc.?

Hi everyone
I've created a report, and have all of the info in it that I need. But it looks like HELL because I can't get the text to wrap in the columns. So, for fields that have a lot of text (Project Description, for example), it runs off...
4 Answers
Heather Fraser Last activity on 6/28/2017 3:46:13 PM by Greg Van De Mark

Primary Reviewer - Ticket Type

I have a question regarding the primary reviewer field on a ticket type.

I am developing a user request form for a specific service. I have created the form, ticket type, and supporting attributes. I have assigned a primary reviewer to the t...
6 Answers
Michael Fiszlewicz Last activity on 3/1/2017 1:53:42 PM by Dan Adler

Client Portal access and file publishing

I have set up a user who is a project stakeholder. He can view project information but not project task details and cannot view any files or issues. Is this because he is just a stakeholder and not a project resource?

Also, I do not...
1 Answer
Susan McGillivray Last activity on 2/25/2016 1:47:08 PM by Mark Sayers

Service Catalog questions

Hello —

I am working with a team that is updating our existing Service Catalog and a couple of questions came up regarding TeamDynamix. I am wondering if you could answer them for me.

1. Service Catalog Hierarchy —
* Th...
1 Answer
Michael Fiszlewicz Last activity on 2/25/2016 1:25:32 PM by Mark Sayers

Automating Acct/Dept entry

We would like to minimize manually selecting Accounts/Departments on tickets wherever possible, for two reasons:
We have nearly 600 departments. Many are known by alternate names, abbreviations or acronyms, so searching or scrolling may p...
1 Answer
Jill Swenson Last activity on 2/25/2016 3:29:34 PM by Mark Sayers

Plus symbol in phone number

Good Morning!
Does TD add a plus symbol at the beginning of phone numbers in client profiles? We have a third party application that can dial a phone number when clicked on but it isn't working from TD's client profile pages. I do not think...
4 Answers
Danee Gunka Schwartz Last activity on 8/10/2018 10:32:29 AM by Vassili Valerik

Printing a Gantt Chart

I have been trying to print a GANTT chart for executives on a top project. However, there seems to be no way to alter the calendar (days to months or quarters) to fit the project onto a sheet. I have tried printing using the web view, but it wi...
1 Answer
Lucinda Parker Last activity on 2/23/2016 5:06:07 PM by Jamey Stock

Usage/License report

Is there a way to report on users currently logged in to Team Dynamix? For instance, we would like to see how many technicians are logged in and using licenses.
How does licensing work? Is it by concurrent usage or some other method?
3 Answers
Jeremy Luring Last activity on 2/23/2016 1:15:42 PM by Mark Sayers

Is there a Schema document with Table Relationships available for installed clients?

Is there a Schema document with Table Relationships available for installed clients to assist with reporting from other tools?
1 Answer
Rodney Bernstrauch Last activity on 2/23/2016 1:21:26 PM by Mark Sayers


I can't find information on this - is it an app available via the App Store? I had an icon on my iPhone that wasn't working (Page Not Found error) so I deleted it and want to re-install, but can't find it.
5 Answers
Geri Hein Last activity on 2/24/2016 10:30:57 AM by Mark Sayers

Saturday and Sunday Project Work, Dependencies and Lag Time

We have a project which will have a number of tasks being executed on a Sunday. We'd like to show dependencies among these tasks but are having an issue with the system not respecting a lag time of zero days among tasks occuring on a weekend da...
3 Answers
Steve Blackburn Last activity on 2/22/2016 2:12:42 PM by Steve Blackburn

Trying to setup email service on new application but new application does not show up on the email server

How do I get a new application to show up on the email server so that I can have emails go to ticket types on the new application?
1 Answer
Richard Musal Last activity on 2/22/2016 1:29:53 PM by Mark Sayers

Articles created from a ticket don't have an owner listed

When technicians, who have been granted permission, create new KB articles using the 'create new article' on a ticket, the article does not have an Owner listed and it does not show up in the technicians 'My Articles' view to complete the submiss...
1 Answer
Kathy Holman Last activity on 2/19/2016 3:39:12 PM by Phil Curl

Priority and Acct/Dept on Ticket Forms

Can we mark Priority and Acct/Dept as not required on a specific platform?

Thank you,
Kevin T. Cook
2 Answers
Kevin Cook Last activity on 2/19/2016 2:33:00 PM by Kevin Cook

Applications - Updating via Change User and Adding via New User through Web API

Currently we are in the process of using the Web API to import our users via our LDAP. We have several processes/methods to update/create users, and one of the things we have to do is add in the Applications for the users (new user process or cha...
4 Answers
Reggie Matthes Last activity on 2/22/2016 12:00:33 PM by Reggie Matthes

Will the 9.3 upgrade change current mail functionality until the local Email Service is upgraded?


In regards to the upcoming SaaS update to 9.3:

We use the TeamDynamix SaaS service with the Email Service installed locally.

The release notes for version 9.3 include some Email Service changes "Notify responsib...
3 Answers
David Durling Last activity on 2/19/2016 6:05:44 PM by Matt Sayers

Ability to follow certain projects

Is there any configuration in TeamDynamix that will allow us to follow (feed etc.) certain projects? We have many active projects some of them are more important than others. We would like for us to have a way to follow favorites ones.

We ar...
1 Answer
Jay Amin Last activity on 2/19/2016 9:14:22 AM by Mark Sayers

9.3 Windows Plan Manager

I noted in the PPM meeting notes that the Plan Manager will have automatic updates. Will the user have to initially download the application or will it be pushed down with initial attempt at updating a plan?
1 Answer
Jeffrey Dyer Last activity on 2/19/2016 2:59:24 PM by Chris Neiger

ADMIN - Security Roles - can you provide definitions for these permissions


I looked in the community and help for definitions and could not find it, can you define what limitations the below items take away when not checked please in ADMIN/Roles/Security Roles under ALL - Asking about View All Accts/dept , View...
1 Answer
Mark Sayers Last activity on 2/18/2016 11:35:28 AM by Mark Sayers

Reassociating Functional Users

I have a Functional Role that I want to no longer use.
I have 2 users with that Functional Role assigned to each of them.
On the Functional Roles list, it shows that this Functional Role has 2 Users and is on 6 Project Time Forecasts
3 Answers
Billie Herman Last activity on 3/2/2016 11:35:41 AM by Mark Sayers

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