How can I tell if the Survey Request emailed out of the system?

We just started using Surveys, I can see a list of when Responses were requested, but how can I tell if they actually were emailed out of the system?
I'm asking because no one has responded or contacted our Service Desk asking if this was val...
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Kathy Holman Last activity on 10/2/2015 11:17:02 AM by Kris Kennedy

Reporting on the Card Wall

What are some reports that I can run from the Card Wall? Specifically, Is there a report where I can view all of the boards and all of lists and activities within each list or a combination of any of this criteria.
5 Answers
Michael Abelaj Last activity on 7/19/2018 3:33:01 PM by Mark Sayers

Reports Unable to Search Non-Employees

I have a report in which I am attempting to exclude certain individuals that are no longer working with our IT department. Essentially, when I add filtering to a report of "Prim Resp" with operator "is not one of" and attempt ...
2 Answers
Taylor Averdick Last activity on 10/2/2015 11:05:35 AM by Taylor Averdick

New Status Field

Is it possible for the new Status field to appear on the General tab once the project is created?
1 Answer
Mrunalini Kulkarni Last activity on 10/1/2015 2:55:04 PM by Kris Kennedy

Knowledge Base - How to Guideline

Please could you provide a description of what are the functionalities of the Knowledge Management Base.
Within our company, we would like to start using this functionality.
1 Answer
Carmen Villen Puerto Last activity on 10/1/2015 12:03:49 PM by Jamey Stock

mass add/remove applications...

Is there an easy way to either add or remove an application for a population of users?
1 Answer
Chad Martin Last activity on 9/30/2015 1:17:32 PM by Mark Sayers

Project request workflow

According to our project request workflow, in the first step the person(s) in the Assignment and options list should not be able to approve a request, but the Approve Request button is available. And we had a user approve a request today which is...
1 Answer
Dalin Bruns Last activity on 9/30/2015 11:37:24 AM by Matt Sayers

Is it possible to generate a report of upcoming scheduled tickets?

Is there any way to create a search or a report to list all the scheduled tickets coming up in a date range? I know on the Admin interface you can see all the scheduled tickets and filter by owner, but I would like something that can be easily v...
1 Answer
Jason Donnell Last activity on 9/30/2015 10:35:03 AM by Mark Sayers

Can I filter on project requests based on which portfolio planning workflow they are in?

I want to return all of the project requests that are in the system based on which step in a portfolio planning workflow. Can I do this?
1 Answer
Marcus Demas Last activity on 9/29/2015 8:00:16 PM by Marcus Demas

Renaming a Status

If we rename the Status "Open" to "Acknowledged", how will the affect the TeamDynamix canned reports on our instance?
1 Answer
Kathy Holman Last activity on 9/29/2015 5:05:33 PM by Jamey Stock

Document Workflow Step - Comments in Email Notification No Longer Appearing

We've had a user report the following:

" I don't know if this is a setting or something that changed with updates but when Felix used to reject or approve a document in the workflow his comments showed up in the Team Dynamix email b...
1 Answer
Jeanine Heming Last activity on 9/29/2015 2:53:15 PM by Jamey Stock

How a resource can update their part of a project task?

If a project task has multiple resources assigned to it, how should one resource indicate their work on the task is done?
If "resource a" updates the task and sets his/her percentage to 100%, that sets the task percent co...
1 Answer
Stacey Marriott Last activity on 9/29/2015 9:30:56 AM by Jamey Stock

google analytics set up

We're trying to set up Google Analytics, but, are unable to retrieve data. The property name we used is and default URL =

"Hub" is an alias for, so we're...
1 Answer
Maggie Eaheart Last activity on 9/28/2015 4:14:03 PM by Phil Curl

Modifying Notifications

We are modifying our notifications and everything has gone well, except for this section.
To comment on this item, reply to this email. ----TEAMDYNAMIX DO NOT ALTER OR REMOVE THIS CODE----
1tMH77VyrB1TIm5gvQC9YGF+ oa...
10 Answers
Billie Herman Last activity on 10/13/2015 9:53:18 AM by Matt Sayers

Middle Names - People

We have several sets of students/staff with the same first and last name. We have a middle name defined in the TD People app, but the name doesn't show in the drop down when selecting things like Requestor in a new incident ticket. (see attachm...
1 Answer
Mike Rocke Last activity on 9/29/2015 9:13:11 AM by Jamey Stock

Custom attributes not listed in the Issue filter.

If I click on the Issue filter button and then select Custom Fields nothing is listed although we have custom attributes define. (see attachment)
4 Answers
Nancy Fisher Last activity on 10/7/2015 4:10:22 PM by Matt Sayers

Adding Service Requests to Ticketing Components

TD help team:

We want to add Service Request to our components list. Right now it will not allow me to edit it to add it to our list.

1 Answer
Jami Beintema Last activity on 9/25/2015 1:51:19 PM by Phil Curl

Does a client user added to the "People" list (but not the requester) on a ticket enable them to view that ticket in the client portal under my requests (or any other views)?

What permission/views are enabled for a client user which is added to the “People” list on a ticket? Can they see this ticket in My Requests in the client portal
1 Answer
Malcolm Beckett Last activity on 9/25/2015 9:01:03 AM by Matt Sayers

Time and Expense

Our technicians are informing me that when updating a ticket the hours are tracked in the T&E tab, however if time is entered on the T&E tab the comments are not tracked in the feed. We have noticed this behavior for a while and I was cu...
1 Answer
Nate Swanson Last activity on 9/24/2015 2:28:57 PM by Mark Sayers

Changing the owner of a project in progress

As an administrator, can I change the owner of a project that I am not
assigned as a resource?
1 Answer
Alex Nyce Last activity on 9/24/2015 1:28:38 PM by Mark Sayers

Project vs Project Request Form fields

I just realized that the fields on the project request form and on the project form (creating a project directly into the "Projects" app) are different. We need the 'Description' and 'Requirements' fields on the project form to be requ...
4 Answers
Monica Crawford Last activity on 10/16/2015 3:26:17 PM by Marcus Demas

Project Status Updates

What is the ability to update project status tied to? PM and Alt PM roles on projects, enterprise user security role, application settings for security roles? Can anyone clarify. Thanks.
1 Answer
Will Turek Last activity on 9/24/2015 9:36:33 AM by Jamey Stock

TD Client version...


We recently noticed that when users authenticate into the client version of TeamDynamix, it shows that it's only on version 8.6.1. The rest of our TeamDynamix environments (TDAdmin, TDMobile, and TDNext) are on version 9.0. N...
1 Answer
Chad Martin Last activity on 9/23/2015 10:37:12 AM by Phil Curl

Can plans be exported to MS Project?

Melissa Hein called and had a question about capabilities of exported plans with Microsoft Project.
1 Answer
Melissa Hein Last activity on 9/22/2015 1:41:54 PM by Melissa Hein

User "reports to"

When creating a new user, there is a field "Reports To" under the "Resource Management" section. Per my understanding, I thought that manager is the same as the user's resource pool manager. Please confirm. If not, expound ...
1 Answer
Monica Crawford Last activity on 9/22/2015 10:42:47 AM by Jamey Stock

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