SLA Dashboard(s)

Does anyone have a good SLA dashboard (maybe one used by techs and one by managers) that works well for your teams? Rather than reinventing the wheel, I thought I would see what others are doing. Thanks!
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Cassandra Slagg Last activity on 5/17/2023 1:35:00 PM by Brittany Renn

iPaaS Flow Variable reference in SET FROM JSON Script

We have a flow with a "Set [ ] from Json" steps, and then inside the Script it makes a reference like:
var data = $ds$360;

How do we associate a specific parameter/variable or know what parameter/variable is referenced to $d2$...
1 Answer
Will Tonkin Last activity on 5/17/2023 11:32:39 AM by Mark Sayers

Change Project Health Icons and/or Colors

Is there any way to change the project health icons or their colors? We have had some negative feedback from executives regarding the yellow health icon (triangle w/ exclamation point) and its color as it looks more brown than yellow,...
1 Answer
Bryan DeChaine Last activity on 5/16/2023 4:14:08 PM by Mark Sayers

Certificate renewal

My administrator sent me what is below. Can you tell where I need to replace the certificates and any instructions?
"We need to install the renewed * certificate via the TD admin console for ldap lookup encryption to the DCs and also...
1 Answer
Alex Oquendo Last activity on 5/16/2023 2:47:26 PM by Mark Sayers

documentation for Source Parameter in web service methods

I am wondering if there is documentation that explains what is allowed in the Source Parameter field of a web service method.
In my searches, I have found answers in this question area that include the following:
1 Answer
David Gerstenecker Last activity on 5/16/2023 3:24:43 PM by Mark Sayers

Query Merged Tickets

How to find merged tickets in TDX? If I know a ticket has been merged, I could search for that ticket in the UI and it would tell me that the ticket had been merged. Is it possible to search for merged tickets using the API?
1 Answer
Sharon Zhu Last activity on 5/16/2023 10:49:49 AM by Mark Sayers

Checkbox List values in Notification Templates

Is there a way to make the selected values for a Checkbox List in notification templates appear on a new line for each value? Or at least be separated by a comma? Currently they appear all in one long sentence (see attachmed) and there's no way t...
1 Answer
Mariah Rible Last activity on 5/16/2023 2:50:40 PM by Mark Sayers

New Release 11.7 - and Auto-Refresh of Desktops

I have read the release notes and it states is refreshes "periodically" not able to find out what is the auto-refresh time ?
Is it every minute? IS this something we can control in the Admin console ?
Thank you in advance for the info...
3 Answers
Angela Elia Last activity on 5/24/2023 9:01:47 AM by Jeffrey Otey

TeamDynamix for Policy Documentation

I'm trying to assess the viability of TeamDynamix for more than just knowledge article documentation. I'd like to use it as a portal for policy documentation (security policies and articles). These typically need to be able to be shared with clie...
1 Answer
David Kifer Last activity on 5/15/2023 10:47:53 AM by Mark Sayers

Email monitor not functioning since 11.7 upgrade

Since the 11.7 upgrade our email monitor stopped functioning. I checked and found one suggestion to get rid of all emails from the inbox and then send another test email but that didn't work either. Checked account being used and password wasn't ...
1 Answer
Luke Newman Last activity on 5/15/2023 9:25:36 AM by Mark Sayers

Automatically Notify Ticket Contacts

Good morning,
I'd like to find out if there's any way to have a ticket automatically add its Contact(s) (i.e. anyone in the People tab) when adding a Comment without using a global setting, or to pull a Contact into a workflow's Notification ...
1 Answer
Nate Sakovitch Last activity on 5/15/2023 8:54:50 AM by Mark Sayers

Desktop focused Zoom discussion

There was recently (April 2023?) a TDX sponsored/moderated online Zoom discussion where various clients shared how they were using and customizing the Desktop. This session was recorded and the recording was shared with the participants. I partic...
1 Answer
David Ellingson Last activity on 5/12/2023 3:34:23 PM by David Ellingson

Project Request Stakeholder does not see the Project Request screen in TDClient

I have a Sponsor who submitted a project request but when they go to the TDClient home page under services, they do not see the project requests tab but do see the service requests tab.
Is this a issue with their role or license type?
1 Answer
Mark Juzwiak Last activity on 5/12/2023 2:52:29 PM by Mark Sayers

TDX Ticket Retention

Hi all,
Does TDX keep tickets for a specified amount of time and then after being closed for X time they are deleted? If so, what does this time frame look like? Is this something we can configure on our end somehow to automaticaly retain tic...
1 Answer
Katelin Anderson Last activity on 5/12/2023 1:32:07 PM by Mark Sayers

Automatically update ticket statuses

I see a prior question posed with the same title dated 3/17/22.
I'm hoping with release updates, that the answer has changed! Is there a way now to automatically update
a ticket status upon being assigned to someone? Thank you
1 Answer
Virginia Jacob Last activity on 5/12/2023 11:34:40 AM by Brittany Renn

Card Color API

Can you change the color of a card via the API?
1 Answer
Mariah Rible Last activity on 5/12/2023 9:26:05 AM by Brittany Renn

Unable to submit a project request

Unable to submit a project request, please see attached.
1 Answer
Michael Tran Last activity on 5/11/2023 2:36:20 PM by Mark Sayers

Import Jobs - Email

I am needing information on how to update the notification email addresses in our Import Jobs.
1 Answer
Lori Brinkhus Last activity on 5/10/2023 1:39:34 PM by Lori Brinkhus

Report of Current Users Plans

I would like to make a report that lists all the Plans the Current User is associated with. Plan Reports don't seem to get me what I need because I can't filter on Resources. Task reports don't work because I can't group by Plan. Proje...
1 Answer
Mariah Rible Last activity on 5/8/2023 1:42:30 PM by Mark Sayers

Can we can create Approval steps with iPaaS using the built-in approval process?

Before I create a feature enhancement request, I thought I'd ask in case I missed something. Can we create an approval task in iPaaS that leverages the built-in approval process, with the Approve/Reject options, etc.? I know I can build something...
1 Answer
Jason Pelletier Last activity on 5/9/2023 9:28:35 AM by Mark Sayers

Copying or Exporting Service Catalog Styles

Is there a way to export service catalog / client portal styles or copy them over for usage when building new service catalogs?
Thank you
1 Answer
Anderson Hanchett Last activity on 5/4/2023 1:46:40 PM by Brittany Renn

IPaaS Get Get User Enpoint

In the TDX API, there is an API endpoint "Gets a Person from the system" ({uid} ). However, there doesn't seem to be an equivalent endpoint in the TDX Common Admin IPaaS connector.
If I need t...
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 5/4/2023 2:35:23 PM by Mark Sayers

Information on Banner integration

We are looking for some information on Banner integration with TDX, specifically some "use cases" or videos that might show the practicalities of the integration.
2 Answers
Ben Matott Last activity on 8/11/2023 11:32:20 AM by Michael Press

Sandbox to Production

Where can I find documentation on Sandbox to Production migration?
Thanks, Tevis
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 5/4/2023 9:09:49 AM by Mark Sayers

Edit another user's time

We have a student that left the University. They incorrectly updated their time on a ticket. I was going to log in as the user and change it but we have SSO turned on. I know there is a way to get into TDAdmin but don't see a way to change the...
1 Answer
Danee Gunka Schwartz Last activity on 5/3/2023 4:24:21 PM by Brittany Renn

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