What is the api endpoint to create a custom attribute in a specific application?

I am recreating attributes from Sandbox in Production.
I used a GET method to pull all attributes https://[TDXURL]/SBTDWebApi/api/attributes/custom?componentId=9&appId= [APPID]
My service account does not have global admin. Is there ...
1 Answer
Naseem Benjelloun Last activity on 5/30/2023 10:47:45 AM by Brittany Renn

JCCC: Where can I add additional text or template tags to workflow approvals?

Where can add additional text or template tags to workflow approvals?
1 Answer
Daniel Epley Last activity on 5/30/2023 10:49:28 AM by Brittany Renn

Spreadsheet Update to Knowledge Base Inquiry

Hello fellow cohorts!
I have a spreadsheet that currently lives in a Microsoft SharePoint and I am wondering if there is a way that when I change something in that spreadsheet, can I link it to a knowledge base article that I can make and dis...
1 Answer
Clyde Van Dyke Last activity on 5/30/2023 11:03:19 AM by Mark Sayers

Unable set Client Portal Security Role to Client

I have an IPaaS flow that is attempts to set the default Client Portal Application and Client Portal application with the correct security role ID and security role name. However, the result of the update will not change the security role of the...
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 5/30/2023 10:02:44 AM by Mark Sayers

Comment Added email loop

We have a ticket that is sending out "Comment Added" several times a minute and it won't stop. How can we stop this and prevent it going forward?
1 Answer
Kai Krause Last activity on 5/30/2023 2:01:39 PM by Mark Sayers

Desktop Auto Refresh

We are getting some reports of the Desktop Auto Refresh being inconsistent and not working for some of our users even after confirming they had the setting enabled. Has anyone else reported this or seen this?
I've only ever seen this not work...
1 Answer
Nick Nunn Last activity on 5/26/2023 4:59:38 PM by Suzanne Purdum

Transfer tickets between TDX instances

Another department within our organization has their own SaaS instance of TDX. What is the suggested method for transferring tickets between the two instances?
1 Answer
Bobby Jones Last activity on 5/24/2023 2:48:23 PM by Mark Sayers

Has anyone else experienced custom From email addresses, in our case servicedesk, changing to this morning?
4 Answers
Robert Kelly Last activity on 6/15/2023 3:30:57 PM by Jim Lucas

Associate issues with tasks after creation

Is it possible to associate an Issue with a Project Task after the issue has been created? If so, how?

Thank you!
1 Answer
Mariah Rible Last activity on 5/24/2023 11:32:42 AM by Brittany Renn

What is the criteria for Workflow Step Resp to have a value in a Tickets report?

I have a report that shows tickets that have a workflow associated. I've included all the available workflow attributes. For workflows that show incomplete and display the current step name, most do not list a Workflow Step Resp, even though the ...
1 Answer
Darlene Palmer Last activity on 5/24/2023 10:07:31 AM by Mark Sayers

Asset Application main page views

In the asset application, currently we see what i sent a screenshot of for a view on the main asset page. Can this be customized to view other fields within a record?
1 Answer
James Richard Last activity on 5/24/2023 8:51:08 AM by Brittany Renn

Application data

I currently have an application called Asset Testing and we are looking to go live in PROD under Assets/CI's, is there a way to copy all of the data meaning attributes and other settings to the other application?
1 Answer
James Richard Last activity on 5/23/2023 3:37:54 PM by Mark Sayers

Inventory Client

My department is starting to look at using TeamDynamix as a way to bring in inventory.
Before fully implementing this, does anyone know if there's a way to get hold of an executable or msi of the client for testing purposes?
2 Answers
Darrell Millar Last activity on 5/22/2023 11:38:54 AM by Darrell Millar

Ticket & People - Contacts

So if you are a technician and working a ticket unless you click on the People link at the top of the ticket you do not see the other contacts on a ticket. Is there some way to add the number of people on the ticket?
Or is there somewhere on ...
1 Answer
Brian Harmon Last activity on 5/22/2023 9:37:56 AM by Brittany Renn

Features that don't work in sandbox

Is there a comprehensive list of the features that are turned off for Sandbox?
1 Answer
Mariah Rible Last activity on 5/19/2023 4:34:06 PM by Brittany Renn

Converge PMI PDU eligible?

Is any portion of the TDx converge sessions next week eligible to be claimed as PMI PDUs?
1 Answer
Rebecca Murphy Last activity on 5/22/2023 9:05:48 AM by Mark Sayers

Bulk updates to existing user records


We are gearing up for the deployment of capacity planning, and I need to ensure certain options are activated in user records. Can the import tool be used to perform bulk updates to existing user records? For example: Checking "us...
1 Answer
Eugene McGeehan Last activity on 5/19/2023 3:48:51 PM by Brittany Renn

Ticket notification image size

Another tech asked about this and I didn't have an answer.
When an email comes into the ticket queue, a notification gets sent out; sometimes, if the user has our company logo in their signature, it shows up massive. But if you look at the ac...
1 Answer
Cameron Waggoner Last activity on 5/19/2023 1:13:03 PM by Brittany Renn

Hiding fields within an asset

Is there a way to hide certain fields within an asset that are not an attribute like the external ID? And also can we hide the asset feed by default?
1 Answer
James Richard Last activity on 5/19/2023 10:21:26 AM by Brittany Renn

API People/Search - Getting HTTP 429 Too Many Requests

Hello, was something changed to the People/Search API ratelimit?
1 Answer
Edith Murillo Last activity on 5/19/2023 10:22:56 AM by Brittany Renn

Cascade by Default

Is there a setting to have the Cascade box checked by default on Parent Tickets? I searched for it in Settings and could not find it.
1 Answer
Scott Cory Last activity on 5/19/2023 10:25:13 AM by Brittany Renn

Unable to Send IPaaS Email notifications

Please see the following screen capture. I have a fairly simple flow where I am trying to send an SMTP email notification through Office365I believe I have the credential set up correctly, and the Sys Admin has verified the settings on the SMTP ...
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 5/22/2023 10:31:18 AM by Mark Sayers

Is it possible to see attachments in TDMobile?

is it possible to see attachments in TDMobile? If this is not true am I missing a setting to update so that attachments can be seen in ticket while in TDMobile? If not should I put this in as a feature request? Is the only work around to move t...
1 Answer
James Tiggett III Last activity on 5/18/2023 9:57:13 AM by Mark Sayers

loaner computer checkout form

We have a "contract" (literally a printed sheet of paper) we have users sign if they need a longer-term loaner machine, including several bullet points and their name, signature, date, & and ITS witness. We're thinking about the best way to i...
1 Answer
Becky Klein Last activity on 5/17/2023 2:35:31 PM by Mark Sayers

API/IPaaS API to Update Ticket Feed?

Is there an API/IPaaS connector to update a ticket feed without updating a Ticket task feed?
Thanks, Tevis
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 5/17/2023 2:01:13 PM by Mark Sayers

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