Custom Field Names

Hello, after all the time I have been working with TDX, I just noticed something about Custom Field names.
I have several forms that reuse attributes, and when I put the reusable attribute on the form provides a custom name specific to the ...
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 1/18/2023 1:40:06 PM by Brittany Renn

Reporting on Comments & Templates

Is it possible to run a report on KB articles with comments or articles/services that use a specific template that we created?
1 Answer
Morgan Cranston Last activity on 1/18/2023 9:31:47 AM by Mark Sayers

Add a link url for Location

Is there a way, possibly through a custom attribute, to add a link(url) in Location to link out to a map.
1 Answer
Will Tonkin Last activity on 1/17/2023 1:10:43 PM by Mark Sayers

Notification Workflow Step for a Later Date (Possibly 1+ Years in the Future)

Good afternoon,
I've come across a couple of IT teams that have indicated that they could use a conduit for sending an automated notification after they've completed an activity, and more imporantly, after the associated ticket has closed.
1 Answer
Nate Sakovitch Last activity on 1/17/2023 11:45:55 AM by Mark Sayers

Ticket linking and/or classification creation

I've seen some answers here that indicate that you cannot link tickets that are of the same classification, and you cannot add new classifications. However these answers are around half a decade old. Has there been any changes related to this? Ou...
1 Answer
Nick Taylor Last activity on 1/13/2023 3:32:49 PM by Brittany Renn

Request Score visibility on the Client Portal

Is there a way for request scores (Risk, Goal, Scorecard and Composite) to be visible w/in the Client Portal?
Or even w/in the project details section if it's approved and converted from a request?
Authenticated TDClient Portal users – a...
1 Answer
Rebecca Murphy Last activity on 1/13/2023 9:24:13 AM by Rebecca Murphy

Can uploading attachments via a Service Request be restricted to certain users?

During a recent cybersecurity event, a vulnerability was found within TD, in regards to attachments: anybody can attach them, and they are not scanned for viruses or scripts, etc.
I understand that email is a bit more locked down (b...
1 Answer
Eugene McGeehan Last activity on 1/12/2023 5:00:23 PM by Brittany Renn

Project 'Tags' Field

Is the 'Tags' field w/in the General section of a project new? I don't remember seeing it, and it looks to be required and not something I can hide if I don't want to see it.
1 Answer
Rebecca Murphy Last activity on 1/12/2023 11:09:05 AM by Mark Sayers

User / Email


My institution has decided to utilize "_" and "." characters moving forward with email and user account names.
Will this present any issues for TDX? Would the scenario of a "john_smith" and "john.smith" as different users pr...
1 Answer
Nick Durr Last activity on 1/11/2023 4:46:17 PM by Mark Sayers

TDX alerts

Is there a way to have a TDX alert for someone responding to a ticket other than via email, or conitnuly looking at TDX waiting for the status to change, like a pop up within TDX through the web browser?
1 Answer
James Richard Last activity on 1/11/2023 2:44:30 PM by Brittany Renn

Retrieving or Reports for Deleted Tickets

Is there a way to view deleted tickets, or report on how many tickets were deleted in a period of time?
Thank you,
1 Answer
Kristi Oetting Last activity on 1/10/2023 4:55:29 PM by Mark Sayers

Can you customize the header text of the standard Requestor field for a report?

Can you update the header text of the out of the box Requestor attribute to be custom for reports? For custom attributes, we are able to update the Header Text that displays in the column header for reports. Would like to do the same for the out ...
1 Answer
Phuong Hoang Last activity on 1/10/2023 10:04:36 AM by Mark Sayers

Setting Parent ticket using Web Service Methods in Workflow

I am attempting to create a workflow in which tickets are created and the original ticket that the workflow is applied to is set as the parent of the newly created tickets. It appears that the ParentID attribute cannot be edited, and t...
1 Answer
Anderson Hanchett Last activity on 1/6/2023 1:51:31 PM by Mark Sayers

Ticket and Workflow Tasks

I was curious if there was any way to format Workflow and Ticket Tasks when they display in a ticket? Currently, they are connected together and you have to pay attention to which box is which task - can be especially "disastrous" when marking a...
3 Answers
Courtney Dobbs Last activity on 1/6/2023 12:54:22 PM by Courtney Dobbs

Report on Project Benefits

The only reporting value I see for projects is 'Benefits', which includes just the Benefit Type, and the total benefit$ (see highlighted fields in attachment)
Is there no way to report at the Year level (see attachment)? Is there no way...
1 Answer
Rebecca Murphy Last activity on 1/6/2023 12:36:25 PM by Mark Sayers

Classification (in Projects) help text - Can this be modified?

I would like to modify the help text that appears on Classification within a project (Advanced section). Is this possible? The help text that appears does not reflect how we plan to use this. If so, where do we go to edit this?
1 Answer
Duane Theleman Last activity on 1/6/2023 10:38:18 AM by Mark Sayers

Do Waterfall Tasks show in the My Tasks report

We've had some users add the default My Task report in the projects app to their desktop. This is the one delivered with TDX. They have noticed that their waterfall tasks are not showing, only cardwall tasks. But in the My Tasks Summary Chart,...
1 Answer
Bill Harlan Last activity on 1/6/2023 9:49:57 AM by Mark Sayers

Ipaas - Flag

Is there a way to flag a ticket from Ipaas? I am getting tickets that have potential problems and want to mark them as flagged in order to create a report to follow up with them.
1 Answer
Sarah Dorny Last activity on 1/5/2023 5:21:27 PM by Brittany Renn

How to automatically change a ticket classification?

The majority of our tickets are Service Requests, and most of our ticket forms are classified as Service Request. We would like to implement SLAs for Incident tickets. In trying to limit the number of Services/Service Offerings in our Service Cat...
1 Answer
Chuck Renninger Last activity on 1/6/2023 9:38:24 AM by Mark Sayers

Knowledge base article API

Do you have documentation on knowledge base article API so that we can directly interact with from a third-party application?
1 Answer
Chong Lor Last activity on 1/5/2023 1:44:20 PM by Brittany Renn

How do I view tickets that I have created that are still open and not assigned to me?

How do I view tickets that I have created that are still open and not assigned to me?
1 Answer
Brandon Fryman Last activity on 1/5/2023 12:08:59 PM by Mark Martinez

People deactivation import

In the import script, can we specify the file name? If not, I assumed we can specify different folder name instead using the same "Pending" folder, correct? Since this import is for people deactivation, for the "Is Active" column, do we only need...
1 Answer
Chong Lor Last activity on 1/5/2023 1:46:34 PM by Brittany Renn

GDPR Compliance

One of the organizations we support requires GDPR compliance.
Does TDX have policies in place regarding GDPR that we may reference when considering our legal obligations regarding records in our public-cloud TDX instance?
Specifically we...
1 Answer
David Rogers Last activity on 2/2/2023 11:15:44 AM by Aaron Crane

Call TDX reports with API

Can we call baked in TDX reports like this: with an API? I can't find an ID of the report.
1 Answer
Danee Gunka Schwartz Last activity on 1/5/2023 1:55:51 PM by Brittany Renn

Workflow approval step

I have created a workflow that has an approval step. Approval is assigned to a group, but when they tested it, a person in the group does not see an approval button (there are other workflows that they have an approval step, and they see an appr...
1 Answer
Mathew Chandler Last activity on 1/3/2023 4:57:25 PM by Mathew Chandler

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