Changing added time to a ticket, task, or issue

Is it possible to edit/change the time added to a ticket when it was done incorrectly?
1 Answer
Patricia Plascencia Last activity on 12/21/2023 2:26:11 PM by Mark Sayers

Notification to Knowledge Base article approvers

Is there a way to set up a notification to the knowledge bases approvers that an article is waiting to be approved?
1 Answer
Jeff Schilling Last activity on 12/21/2023 1:04:25 PM by Mark Sayers

Ticket Age Reporting

Via reports is there a way to collect data on the number of tickets that get resolved within the first 24 hours vs. tickets that take longer?
1 Answer
James Lockhart Last activity on 12/21/2023 1:14:08 PM by Brittany Renn

Ipaas Form Table

Is there a way to create a table on an Ipaas Form ? or do you have to lay multiple list boxes? OR is this something you have to create using the custom element ? and if so how can i go about doing this with data from an SQL query ?
1 Answer
Matt Hoadley-Jager Last activity on 12/21/2023 10:54:07 AM by Michael Ligouri

You do not have permissions to access this application.

I manually added a new user with a Client License and assigned the Application Client Portal, but when I sign in as the user on the CP it says, " You do not have permission to access this application".
What setting am I missing to allow thi...
1 Answer
Allen Wong Last activity on 12/21/2023 9:36:56 AM by Mark Sayers

Ticket Responsibility When Unassigning Technicians

Is there a way to automatically assign a ticket to the previous responsible group when unassigning tickets? The current behavior is for the ticket to have no primary or group responsibility, potentially being lost to visibility.
1 Answer
Anderson Hanchett Last activity on 12/20/2023 1:43:36 PM by Becky Klein

TDX Reporting

Is it possible to get a TDX report to include the "resolution" feed? i.e. the ability to get all of the tickets
for an application along with the resolution to the ticket. Most TDX tickets the resolution is in the feed back to the cu...
1 Answer
Sharon Jarmoc Last activity on 12/20/2023 11:33:36 AM by Brittany Renn

Application Locks - TDX iPaaS Administration

Hello, TDX friends! I'm learning as much as possible, all things iPaaS. The extensive KB documentation for iPaaS is absolutely invaluable. There's an Application Locks tool, in the Monitoring tab for administrators. For the life of me, I can'...
1 Answer
Ron Vallejo Last activity on 12/20/2023 10:27:36 AM by Mark Sayers

Tech Desktop Module Not Showing All Tickets

As you can tell, we went live campus-wide, and the techs are asking a lot of questions.
1. One tech noticed that in Desktop=>Assigned to Me area, not all his tickets are appearing. Specifically, these two are missing
2 Answers
Sheila McBride Last activity on 12/19/2023 3:44:42 PM by Brittany Renn

Preventative Maintenance

We're looking to do regular preventative maintenance with a facilities group using the ticketing and assets apps. For example, monthly fire extinguisher inspection in a building.

Would you start from a ticket, and if so, how?

For exampl...
1 Answer
David Tod Last activity on 12/19/2023 1:40:31 PM by Mark Sayers

Desktop created for someone

I created a desktop for someone called "greg" this user can not see the desktop I made for them. I did this for someone earlier this year and they can see it. I can't figure out what I did to get them to see it. I only want this user to see that ...
1 Answer
James Richard Last activity on 12/19/2023 10:23:23 AM by Mark Sayers

API Notify 2nd person on ticket Creation

I am trying to notify an additional contact when a ticket is being created through the API. I can create the ticket but the additional notify is not added to the post when the ticket is being created. I am using Python to create the ticket, bel...
1 Answer
Cory Lewis Last activity on 12/18/2023 9:53:54 AM by Brittany Renn

Network Diagram

During some of the demos we were shown there were network diagrams with in Team Dynamix that showed how assets connected and we could drill down into objects on the diagram to see information associated with the asset. I am attempting to set that...
1 Answer
Jacob Mercer Last activity on 12/15/2023 11:56:39 AM by David Tod

Deleting Tickets?

How do we go about deleting tickets in an application? I have been looking around everywhere, I see other questions state you can delete them one by one, but I don't know where I have to go within my application.
1 Answer
Darrin Johnson, Jr. Last activity on 12/15/2023 10:08:34 AM by Brittany Renn

How do we utilize "Grammarly" in Teamdynamix?

How do we utilize "Grammarly" in Teamdynamix when responding to tickets in TDX?

1 Answer
Sharon Jarmoc Last activity on 12/13/2023 3:14:33 PM by Mark Sayers

Tooltip Text updates in iPaaS

Is it possible to update the Tooltip Text depending on user selections? It can help bring clarity to what specific information we need depending on which options a user has selected. I see it's listed as field in iPaaS - but nothing seems to ch...
1 Answer
Tony Dufault Last activity on 12/14/2023 11:50:12 AM by Jordyn Mancini

Unable to reference Web Service call response in subsequent workflow step

I'm calling an API that returns
{"yourDate": ["2023-12-11"]}
and is stored in a collection called responseBody in my first Web Service Method. My second Web Service Method has a parameter called endOfDuty of type String whose source is F...
1 Answer
Scott Williamson Last activity on 12/13/2023 10:04:51 AM by Mark Sayers

People Import Utility Error

We use the People Import Utility to create/update customers. Everything has been fine for quite a while, but noticed that the import process hasn't run for the past few nights.
We've updated the Utility from 3.0.1 to 3.1.0, genera...
1 Answer
Pamela Jordan Last activity on 12/12/2023 4:36:38 PM by Mark Sayers

ticket statuses

Is there a way to tie in a automated reminder after a custom status is set in a ticket

example, we send out calendar links with a set staus and we need it to remind us a week later
1 Answer
James Richard Last activity on 12/12/2023 11:43:20 AM by Mark Sayers

The Oracle server on Informatics is not running after maintenance

Verify that Oracle service and tnslistener are running by using tnsping to server (or logging in and seeing "oraclebisr11g (DESCRIPTION=(LOCAL=YES)(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=beq)))" and "/u02/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1/bin/tnslsnr LISTENER -inher...
1 Answer
Alex Lora Last activity on 12/12/2023 10:59:21 AM by Mark Sayers

Is there a way to change what you see under Tickets - Waiting for my review?

I am trying to figure out how to avoid seeing tickets that are assigned to a specific group here, as we use this area to control what has been submitted but not yet assigned. I have went through all the configurations and I am not seeing anythi...
1 Answer
Darla Bury Last activity on 12/11/2023 12:03:09 PM by Brittany Renn

Generating Ticket from Poor Survey Response

My team would like to have a ticket generated when a satisfaction rating of 4 or lower is received from a survey response. This question is similar to the question linked here, except rather than generating emails to a certain group, it would c...
1 Answer
Jacob Adams Last activity on 12/11/2023 4:30:03 PM by Brittany Renn

Project Goals

Is it possible to add project goals to a project request form?
1 Answer
Annette Howard Last activity on 12/7/2023 4:03:47 PM by Mark Sayers

Advanced Response templates

Is there a way to add a dropdown menu in the Response Templates? We have a response template with choice for out techs to make and currently we have them spelt out. We do not want to use tasks for this
1 Answer
James Richard Last activity on 12/7/2023 9:50:07 AM by Mark Sayers

Project Intake Start/End Dates

During Project Intake, we have the fields for Project Start and End Date as non-mandatory as the intake has to go through several steps prior to being assigned a Start/End Date. However once the Intake process starts, the Start/End dates become r...
1 Answer
David Robertson Last activity on 12/7/2023 9:35:55 AM by Brittany Renn

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