Service Manager / Owner visibility on client portal

Is there a way to make the service owner visible on a service page?
1 Answer
David Tod Last activity on 1/11/2024 11:48:27 AM by Mark Sayers

Do the TDX Notification Templates have an ID?

It seems every element in TDX has a unique id but I am unable to find this for the TDX Notification Templates. Maybe if I explain what I am wanting to do it would make more sense. I am trying to figure out how to RESEND notifications from IPa...
1 Answer
Darla Bury Last activity on 1/11/2024 11:31:06 AM by Mark Sayers

Ticket Reminders

Before I create a series of reports for our techs, is there already something built in that will remind techs of outstanding tickets? I see that exists for project tasks.
1 Answer
Sheila McBride Last activity on 1/11/2024 9:42:39 AM by Mark Sayers

Related Asset Application

When creating a service, is there a way to set the related asset application as a setting rather than (in addition to) in the service form? i.e. as a property of the service catalog, so that services end up in a specific asset application by defa...
1 Answer
David Tod Last activity on 1/10/2024 2:07:44 PM by Mark Sayers

Create relationship between Projects and Assets

We would like to create many-to-many relationships between Projects in our Project Planning Module and Assets in our Application Portfolio, so that we can support our security team is assessing applications in a timely manner that supports decisi...
1 Answer
Skye Swoboda-Colberg Last activity on 1/10/2024 1:42:22 PM by Mark Sayers

Privileged-Access Management Process

Have any other TeamDynamix-using organizations used TeamDynamix to create a privileged-access management process? We're getting read to build one, but would like to have some ideas.
1 Answer
Sheila McBride Last activity on 1/10/2024 11:18:44 AM by Mark Sayers

People Import - Groups

Is there a way during user import from Import Jobs to create a user, but also add them to an existing group? if so, what field heading is needed?
1 Answer
Michael Rodriguez Last activity on 1/10/2024 10:35:29 AM by Mark Sayers

Reports not able to filter on custom attributes with dependencies?

I'm trying to create a report for using an onboarding form, and who is requesting hardware, which is done with a custom attribute on that form.
In the report I'm filtering by the form and I would like to also filter out for a selection on tha...
1 Answer
Nathan Ignatz Last activity on 1/10/2024 10:32:47 AM by Mark Sayers

Users Import Job Question

Our import job for users had been running fine for quite a while until early December when it suddenly stopped. We can't figure out any reason as to why. We've tried restarting the server where the file TDX uses lives but that hasn't r...
1 Answer
Riley Fay Last activity on 1/9/2024 3:27:59 PM by Riley Fay

Values in "contains" field

I'm building automation rules to pick up key words from a description field. How must the sought-after values be formatted?
Right now, I have them listed with commas, but the rule is not catching them.
I think you're going to say...
1 Answer
Sheila McBride Last activity on 1/9/2024 3:25:30 PM by Mark Sayers

Updating Project Manager via API

Is it possible to update the Project Manager via the API? I've tried both the Patch Project and Update Project methods and receive a success response to the call, however, the project is not actually updated.
We are using a placeholder record...
1 Answer
Corrine Knox Last activity on 1/9/2024 3:01:51 PM by Mark Sayers

Project Status not displaying

I have entered a number of project status options for our PM team to choose from when they update a project. However some of them do not appear as an option to select from within the project. I have the project status set to active and...
2 Answers
Michael Horn Last activity on 1/22/2024 1:18:29 PM by Michael Horn

Due Dates vs SLAs

We are looking to implement 15-day due dates for Software and Hardware type tickets and report on overdue tickets.
I would like to ask the community if it in their experience it is better to use SLAs based on type or add due dates to ticketin...
1 Answer
Anderson Hanchett Last activity on 1/10/2024 12:34:31 PM by Brittany Renn

Migrating from Microsoft Project to TDX

Our organization is currently migrating from Microsoft Project to TDX. Is there any kind of API or import process to avoid us having to recreate these manually?
1 Answer
Ryan Folks Last activity on 1/9/2024 11:51:17 AM by Mark Sayers

Ticket History Report - does not seem to be working properly

I have used the Ticket History report for a couple of years. It seems to be working differently and incorrectly since the recent upgrade.
The totals seem to be the same for several different date ranges that I enter so I ran a rep...
2 Answers
Shannon Sharon Last activity on 1/8/2024 2:08:32 PM by Shannon Sharon

Approval access and User reports to list

Good Afternoon,
I have a couple of questions..
Is there a way to find out who has access to approve Change Requests? Is there a way to find out whos change request someone can approve?
1 Answer
Rick Garcia Last activity on 1/5/2024 3:39:15 PM by Mark Sayers

Report for "Age" after Assignment

Hello, we have a customer who wants a report "that shows the age of a ticket after assignment". For example, most tickets go to a Tier 1 group, and then the ticket could be assigned to a Tier 2 group. We are looking for a built-in metric to sho...
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 1/5/2024 1:26:54 PM by Mark Sayers

Portal "Admin" Operation

Please see below; when I click on a Ticketing application and select "Admin" from the management gear, I am taken to the admin page for that application. However, when I do the same for a service portal application, I am taken to the admin page ...
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 1/5/2024 9:36:06 AM by Mark Sayers

Create Task Creation Based on Date Field in Ticket

Happy New Year!
I'm working on a ticket in which people need their cell phones equipped with an international plan when they travel. They tell us the travel dates and we want to trigger a task that the tech would go in the day before...
1 Answer
Sheila McBride Last activity on 1/4/2024 4:44:41 PM by Mark Sayers

Limit on bulk API operations?

I'm looking to bulk add people to an Org application. The /people/bulk/changeorgapplications endpoint is the exact solution I need but the documentation doesn't state what the maximum length of the list of UserUIDs I can include in my payload. ...
1 Answer
Nick Nunn Last activity on 1/4/2024 2:51:06 PM by Mark Sayers

Contacts in Tickets

If I were to have someone be notified of certain tickets via Automation Rules, would they be added as a contact to the ticket and be able to see the ticket?
1 Answer
Darrin Johnson, Jr. Last activity on 1/3/2024 1:15:14 PM by Mark Sayers

With the sandbox refresh is it just ticket data taken from Thursday prior, or all the production configurations as well?

I just had a question about the data that comes across with the sandbox refresh from production. I have read the guidance that the data that is copied across to the sandbox from production is from the Thursday evening before the refres...
1 Answer
Samuel Jones Last activity on 1/3/2024 9:16:15 AM by Brittany Renn

Issue with Date/Time Format in API Web Service Method

We have an application I am trying to interact with using a. web service method.
I am using the "Created" attribute as the Start time in the JSON Body:
"start":"2024-01-02T22:30:27Z", The application is expecting the start date/time ...
1 Answer
Scott Cory Last activity on 1/3/2024 9:30:33 AM by Mark Sayers

Sharing knowledge base reports

Is there a way to share a knowledge base report with a technician user without giving them access to analysis?
1 Answer
Mariah Rible Last activity on 1/2/2024 4:28:09 PM by Mark Sayers

Ticketing email error/automatic replies

We have emails going to and when they do we have it automatically create a ticket, however, we made it so tickets wouldn't be created when an automatic out of office response occurs. there is a glitch ,as for some reason we just n...
1 Answer
Michelle King Last activity on 1/2/2024 11:00:55 AM by Mark Sayers

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