Sort/Order tasks report so main task and subtasks are together

I’m building a project task report using the Tasks Report template. I want to sort my report so the subtasks are in order with their main task. Is there a field (or different report template) that will allow me to do this? Is there an identifier ...
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Jodie Alexander Last activity on 3/21/2024 10:09:08 AM by Jodie Alexander

Asset QR Codes

I have been trying to find a way to export QR Codes in mass from Team Dynamix. Is there a way to do this so I can print off QR codes in mass for asset tracking?
1 Answer
Daniel Parten Last activity on 3/21/2024 11:37:01 AM by Mark Sayers

Export card wall plan to excel

Can you export a card wall plan to excel? I ask because at the end of a project this is desirable to keep a downloaded copy fo the tasks that were worked throughout the project.
1 Answer
Charles Phillips Last activity on 3/20/2024 4:43:30 PM by Mark Sayers

Setting Parent and child on two change tickets

Hello I am trying to set a parent/child relationship on a two tickets with change classification. Per the KBA article this looks like it can be done. But on the ticket with the change classification the option is blank when setting the parent.
1 Answer
Keyon Farrier Last activity on 3/20/2024 2:44:49 PM by Brittany Renn

Reference table data in script


I have a situation where I have a complex function (such as changing a Letter grade to a GPA) in a auto-filled table. Doing this with built-in steps would be cumbersome. I am able to reference the Table Data, but I am not able to find...
2 Answers
Michael Leys Last activity on 3/20/2024 2:58:41 PM by Mark Sayers

Feed on the ticket under Print option

Can we check the feed check box by default under Print preview for a ticket
1 Answer
Navjot Bhatoa Last activity on 3/20/2024 1:59:23 PM by Mark Sayers

Salesforce Integration

Hello all!,
I was told to look into some kind of intergration between TDX and Salesforce. Can someone please tell me what is capable if this integration exist?
1 Answer
Michael Rodriguez Last activity on 3/20/2024 1:57:00 PM by Mark Sayers

Is there a way to delete Maintenance activites and Workflow tasks?

We're cleaning out our test tickets and don't want to orphan the tasks. I opened the ticket and deleted all tasks but this only removes the ticket tasks.
1 Answer
Shauna Busse Last activity on 3/20/2024 10:08:28 AM by Mark Sayers

Where can I find Projects created from tickets?

Someone converted a ticket to a project and we cannot find the project. Where should I be able to find it?
1 Answer
Alex Oquendo Last activity on 3/20/2024 9:45:27 AM by Brittany Renn

Can Workflow be triggered in the Sanbox?

I have a developer trying to assign a workflow in a ticket from the Sandbox and is getting the "No Available Workflows" message. I checked that the Service, and Ticket Type are consistent, and the sandbox workflow is active.
Any ideas?
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 3/19/2024 2:24:23 PM by Mark Sayers

iPaaS Form Conditions Flow Secret

I have a form that is calling multiple flows, one for the initiation of values and several others depending on the states of fields within the form. For some reason the Conditions Flow Secret keeps resetting itself back to it's original secret, ...
1 Answer
Jim Lucas Last activity on 3/19/2024 1:41:44 PM by Mark Sayers

Project Health

Is there a way we could add more Project Health Categories in the system, Currently there is only: Green, Yellow, Red and None
1 Answer
Navjot Bhatoa Last activity on 3/19/2024 11:59:04 AM by Mark Sayers

Project Request Declined Notification - Comments

Hi There, on the "Request Declined" Project Request Notification Template, we include the tag "UpdateText". However, this only puts the default "(Person) declined this project request", and does not include the text entered as comment when decli...
2 Answers
Bill MacKenzie Last activity on 3/19/2024 11:40:02 AM by Bill MacKenzie

API Patch to Replace Date Field from Another Date Field Value

I'm having an issue when patching a date custom attribute value to another date custom attribute. Every way I've tried returns a "200 ok" status, but the target attribute remains blank.

Here is an example of one test. End Date is populated ...
1 Answer
Bret Swart Last activity on 3/19/2024 10:56:25 AM by Mark Sayers

Can I set a default filter for a calendar in a saved desktop?

For Change Tickets, we only want to show Maintenance Activities as a default.
When a change ticket has multiple maintenance activities, the change ticket shows on the calendar for the entire duration - start of earliest change to end of lat...
1 Answer
Sarah Glatz Last activity on 3/19/2024 10:47:02 AM by Mark Sayers

Unable to Add KB Articles

I should know this, but see below. Can you tell me why this user who has the set of permission is unable to add KB articles. When others, with the same permissions, can?
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 3/19/2024 9:42:55 AM by Brittany Renn

Updating Ticket Task names dynamically in a workflow based on Parent Ticket

Via a workflow, is it possible to update the ticket task names dynamically based on information from the parent ticket?
For example, I know in notifications you can insert template tag to include the ticket ID via {{ ID }}.
Is there somet...
1 Answer
David Fernandes Last activity on 3/19/2024 11:24:27 AM by Mark Sayers

CC emails

Is there a way to see who is CCed on an email when a ticket is created?
1 Answer
Abby Fitcher Last activity on 3/15/2024 4:27:59 PM by Brittany Renn

Creating a velocity report for project requests.

Looking for a way to create a report that shows when, over the course of a period of time, i.e. a year, that our organization gets project requests.
Want to identify the points during the year where we get the majority of our project requests...
1 Answer
Mark Juzwiak Last activity on 3/15/2024 9:27:25 AM by Mark Sayers

Can Fields in Project Update be Edited

We have a few different fields we would like to make available to users when they are updating their projects weekly. Is there a way for us to customize what attributes/fields are available when they click the Update button?
1 Answer
Rachel Renckly Last activity on 3/14/2024 2:53:11 PM by Brittany Renn

External searching

Someone from our web development team wanted me to ask:
Can TeamDynamix (Knowledge Base) act as a search source in a federated search with SharePoint Online (SharePoint in Office365) or any other platform?
1 Answer
Kay Masters Last activity on 3/14/2024 2:51:35 PM by Brittany Renn

Technology Acceptance Form

We currently utilize Adobe Sign to send forms to our users to sign a form that states they received a piece of technology equipment and that they will be fully responsible for it. Is there a way to implement this type of "check out" process withi...
1 Answer
Thomas Dominguez Last activity on 3/14/2024 2:55:55 PM by Mark Sayers

Chart font size and spacing

I there a way to space out service in a chart so they are not bunched up together?
1 Answer
Michael Rodriguez Last activity on 3/13/2024 2:33:25 PM by Mark Sayers

Copying Forms Question

I am trying to copy a specific form in TDAdmin and only certain forms are showing up in the list that I can copy from. Is there a setting that I'm missing? I've attached an image with the highlighted form in the background being the on...
1 Answer
Riley Fay Last activity on 3/13/2024 12:35:13 PM by Riley Fay

Can REPORTS default view (in TDNext) be closed / nested?

Since our instance went live six years ago, the the default view of our Reports sidebar has been fully opened - i.e. when I open the pane, I see all the contents of all the directories.
We're looking at several approaches to organize this sid...
2 Answers
Ian Murphy Last activity on 3/12/2024 11:39:02 AM by Mark Sayers

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