Middle Name - People

I have found another question from 7 years ago on this same subject and wanted to follow-up to see if there have been any changes since then.
We would like to be able to include Middle Name in the Display Name on a ticket on a user by user b...
1 Answer
Jordan Van Pelt Last activity on 4/1/2022 11:56:01 AM by Mark Sayers

CardWall question

Some card wall questions.
In the card-wall is there a way to make a parent/roll up task and assign it sub-tasks so that the sub-tasks can be assigned to different people [the current sub-tasks on a task do not allow you to assign tha...
1 Answer
David Marcinkowski Last activity on 4/1/2022 11:30:20 AM by Mark Sayers

A change in handling of required attributes with defaults

We have an attribute that is set to "Editable and Required" for TDNext. We also have a default dropdown selection set with the default enabled option selected. When filling out the form in TDNext we see the default show up in the form but the a...
1 Answer
Danee Gunka Schwartz Last activity on 3/31/2022 2:49:46 PM by Danee Gunka Schwartz

Desktop Organization Options - Custom Reports and Widget Filters

TDNext Question: As someone who has access to and processes tickets/service requests in two different applications, I've been looking for a way to unify information about tickets/tasks to which I'm assigned and actively engaged with. So far, the ...
1 Answer
Matt Voegeli Last activity on 3/31/2022 3:01:27 PM by Mark Sayers

Webmethod to Re-assign a Workflow - 2022

Hi, I know Tevis Boulware asked a similar in a question back in 2022 but I thought I'd see if there's been an update since then: Is it possible with a web method in an active ticket workflow to remove the currently assigned workflow a...
1 Answer
Erin Tramble Last activity on 3/30/2022 10:43:48 AM by Mark Sayers

Update Test field using PATCH web service

I know I can update a single field using a PATCH call and use the operator "Replace". Is there a way to append text onto the end of existing text in a text field?
I have a workflow with several web services that are making child tickets under...
1 Answer
Nathaniel Obee Last activity on 3/29/2022 4:45:00 PM by Mark Sayers

Adding arguments to URL string for new ticket form

Right now, if I type in a URL like this:
It takes me to a new ticket form for a specific Service, which is prett...
1 Answer
Sean McCoy Last activity on 3/29/2022 11:49:10 AM by Mark Sayers

MS Teams & TDX

One of our TDX users wanted me to ask if the following would be possible to do using MS Teams & TDX.
1) User enters a date in a date field
2) On submit, TDX sends the value of the date field and the link to the ticket to Teams. Teams t...
1 Answer
Ann Edvaldsson Last activity on 3/29/2022 11:13:35 AM by Mark Sayers

In iPaaS, can we return a table of data from a flow to a form and update elements on the form based on table data?

We are wondering if we can return a table of data form an iPaaS flow to a form, and then, based on different cells in the table, set different conditions? What we're thinking through is how to have a few different data items be returned to a form...
1 Answer
Jason Pelletier Last activity on 3/28/2022 3:38:11 PM by Mark Sayers

Ticket 20000000

Similar to this question and this question , who got ticket 20000000?
(I wanted to wait until 100000000 but I don't think I'll make it.)
1 Answer
Greg Van De Mark Last activity on 3/28/2022 2:54:37 PM by Mark Sayers

How to find images for KB articles?

When adding images to KB articles, we always select the option to upload them to the server. How do I navigate and see those images? I'd prefer to avoid duplicating them.
1 Answer
Becky Klein Last activity on 3/28/2022 11:58:55 AM by Mark Sayers

Adding a User as a project resource.

I have a person who is reporting that there are two people he would like to add as resources but are unable to find them to add them. I don't see anything that would prevent them from being found to be added, but I would like to review KB article...
1 Answer
Mathew Chandler Last activity on 3/28/2022 11:49:21 AM by Mark Sayers

How to provide a link to a client's ticket for their reference

Is there a way to display a client portal link to a ticket that you're viewing in TDNext?
One of my colleagues said, "I was in TDNEXT and I grabbed a link to a ticket and pasted it into an e-mail for reference for a client. When the client...
2 Answers
Mike Schuster Last activity on 4/6/2022 12:42:57 PM by Jonathan Kewley

Sending workflow email notifications ".. #" of days prior to expiration of a form attribute

Is there a way in TD to send workflow notifications a specified number of days prior to a set expiration date that will be pulled from a form?

Example, send notification to a group 45, 30, and 15 days to expiration.
2 Answers
Hermandez Wynn Last activity on 3/25/2022 10:22:42 AM by Hermandez Wynn

iPaaS form link questions


yesterday in the iPaaS webinar, it was mentioned you can send people iPaaS form links or put them on webpages, etc.... Where does one get the form link from? I know how to email it via a flow, but how can I get the static link? I...
1 Answer
David Mitchell Last activity on 3/24/2022 1:02:20 PM by Mark Sayers

TeamDynamix Authentication and Authorizartion

I've used the .net c# utility to import people into TeamDynamix, but now my process is going to move to a linux environment, so I need a different way of getting this to work. How can that be done? In the c# project, the import is accomplished ...
1 Answer
Kirk McCoskey Last activity on 3/9/2022 2:19:50 PM by Kirk McCoskey

Update Locks on Tickets/Tasks

I am a huge fan of being able to see who is viewing/editing/updating a ticket. This feature is great when I remember to look at this. Is there a way to "lock" the ticket during updates, so that no other users can edit/update the ticket? I have ha...
1 Answer
Triston Martin Last activity on 3/24/2022 9:51:39 AM by Mark Sayers

Storage Limit on Briefcases

How much storage is allowed for briefcase files and folders in TDX PPM?
1 Answer
Derrick Hargrove Last activity on 3/23/2022 10:43:15 AM by Mark Sayers

Cart feature

Does TDX have an ability to have any semblance of a cart/shopping cart feature where a user could add items and check out?
1 Answer
Robert Kelly Last activity on 3/23/2022 10:18:53 AM by Mark Sayers

Move Attchment from Ticket to another location

In iPaaS, is it possible to get an attachment from a ticket in TDX and save it to a local file server? I see the "Get Attachment Content" in the Ticket connector but is it possible to grab the file and move it via the Windows File Serv...
1 Answer
David Mitchell Last activity on 3/23/2022 11:11:56 AM by Mark Sayers

Service field on Tickets

When typing in the 'service' field on tickets to look for a service, is there any ranking or weighting to the results that appear?
For example, we have a service of 'Software' that has various service offerings tied to it. When a technician ...
1 Answer
Julie Neville Last activity on 3/22/2022 4:49:08 PM by Mark Sayers

Audit Log for Viewing Attachments on Tickets

As our organization uses TDX with ePHI bound by HIPAA, we have several protected attributes that we use. But attachments don't seem to have any protection functionality. Is there a way to audit in TDX who viewed or downloaded an attach...
1 Answer
Anthony Nave Last activity on 3/23/2022 9:36:21 AM by Mark Sayers

Notification Default Settings for Ticket Udpates/Edits/Comments

I have noticed that by default not many people are selected when I update/edit/comment on a ticket to receive a notification. When I "Update" a ticket, the "Requestor" is by default in the "Notify" section. Are we able to customize who is notifie...
1 Answer
Triston Martin Last activity on 3/22/2022 2:59:55 PM by Mark Sayers

Project Time summary report

We have been trying to find a project time summary report that shows project name, project manager, and total hours by project, instead of individual project time entries. The point of the report would be for a supervisor to see where an ...
1 Answer
Gretchen Cannon Last activity on 3/22/2022 2:46:29 PM by Mark Sayers

TDNext technician view of ticket "Other Fields"

Was curious the logic around what fields get displayed as "Other Fields" when viewing a ticket via TDNext as a technician and clicking "Edit". There seems to be a mix of the following fields, and I can't figure out the rhyme or reason....
2 Answers
Ryan Ranly Last activity on 7/7/2022 5:02:13 PM by Michael Press

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