Project Plans

I have a user that needs to be able to add tasks to waterfall or cardwall plans in projects.
What access do they need in their security role to be able to do this?
2 Answers
Mathew Chandler Last activity on 9/9/2022 4:36:35 PM by Mathew Chandler

KB Attrubute Visibility - Published & Public

What KB permission is tied the "Published" and "Public" KB attributes? Some of our users can see the status of these two attributes under "Details" when looking at the main page of a KB, and others cannot. Is it possible to make those attributes ...
1 Answer
Morgan Cranston Last activity on 9/8/2022 4:39:23 PM by Mark Sayers

What Security Role allows for the "Move to Application" option under the Actions Menu?

Is it only Admins that can move a ticket from one application to another?
Does the user have to have a specific role in each App to have this ability?
1 Answer
Sarah Glatz Last activity on 9/8/2022 2:49:27 PM by Mark Sayers

Smiley faces in surveys?

Is there a way to get smiley/frowny faces as options in surveys?
1 Answer
Lorne Pearl Last activity on 9/8/2022 2:30:23 PM by Mark Sayers

iPaaS Date Format function

Unless I'm just doing something totally wrong the iPaaS Date Format function does not seem to be working. I'm using it with NOW as the first parameter, and then I have tried all the built in option for short date, short time, Long date with time...
1 Answer
Will Tonkin Last activity on 9/7/2022 6:10:25 PM by David Tod

Passing Parameter from TDX Workflow to iPaas Flow using Arguments JSON

The KB article Article - TeamDynamix iPaaS Step mentions the abiliity to Send parameter data through the Arguments JSON section of the workflow step. I have not been able to find any information about how to do this in the KB.
The TDX workf...
1 Answer
Will Tonkin Last activity on 9/7/2022 11:45:01 AM by David Tod

Search tab in TDNext

I just saw a new tab called Search on my TDNext, but other people can't see it. Can you please let me know how to make it appear on other people's screen? And I would like to make Include Historic Results selected by default as well.
3 Answers
Lorne Pearl Last activity on 9/8/2022 5:19:57 PM by Lorne Pearl

Reassociate Owners for Knowledge Base

Hello everyone,
Just hoping to gain some better insight as to what the "Reassociate Owners" button does when moderating articles in our Knowledge Base via the admin portal. My understanding would be taking any articles created under "X" perso...
1 Answer
Timothy Suwityarat Last activity on 9/7/2022 1:56:12 PM by Mark Sayers

Group Notifications for Ticket Task Is Not Working

I assigned a group to a ticket task in a workflow, and the group began receiving notifications as expected. However, today the notifications are not working for groups. We are an On-Premi client. What may be causing this issue? Thank y...
1 Answer
Valencia Ingram Last activity on 9/6/2022 4:30:23 PM by Mark Sayers

Workflows to Create Tickets in Other TDX Applications

We are working on fleshing out an employee onboarding workflow in an HR application that will generate tickets and send email notifications based on needs (such as computer setup by ITS or door access by the locksmith). I wanted to ask...
1 Answer
Anderson Hanchett Last activity on 9/6/2022 2:54:34 PM by Mark Sayers

Break out of IPaaS For Loop

How do you break out of an IPaaS For loop once you have found the item you are looking for?
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 9/7/2022 10:02:25 AM by Carrie Willis

TeamDymanix Ticketing Applications

Are we still unable to delete applications from TDx? I know that in previous versions, applications can only be deactivated. Has this been changed?
1 Answer
Caroline Calhoun-King Last activity on 9/6/2022 9:43:18 AM by Mark Sayers

Multiple API Call methods in one web workflow step

Is it possible to make multiple calls in one web method workflow step? For example, we currently have a task to assign a user to a group, and then set several custom people attributes. In order to do so with the API, one needs to auth using POST ...
1 Answer
Derek Hickman Last activity on 9/1/2022 4:33:55 PM by Mark Sayers

Task Templates in Workflows

Can a task in a workflow be a task template?
1 Answer
Sheila McBride Last activity on 9/1/2022 4:28:18 PM by Mark Sayers

Web Service Method - Change Ticket SLA

I am attempting to create a web service method that will let us change an SLA within a workflow. I found the API documentation on the subject and believe I have the method configured correctly. I have configured several other methods successfully...
1 Answer
Jordan Van Pelt Last activity on 9/1/2022 1:45:58 PM by Mark Sayers

Getting full URL/URI for Ticket in IPaaS

Is there any way to retrieve the full TDNext TicketURL from an IPaaS connector?
Thanks, Tevis
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 8/31/2022 8:57:52 PM by David Tod

How can I make Projects visible to the department, Even if not a resource or manager?

I thought by adding them all to a portfolio for the department (application services), the department could see all the active projects and who is working on what. I could not figure that out, so I tried to create a report under Projects that fil...
3 Answers
Melody Chronister Last activity on 8/31/2022 4:00:44 PM by Melody Chronister

How do you Archive a Knowledge Base Article?

What is the process for archiving a Knowledge Base article and what does archiving do to the article behind the scenes?
1 Answer
Karen Wilson Last activity on 8/31/2022 3:17:24 PM by Mark Sayers

Attribute Dependency configuration in Form Builder

In the past, I was able to "Add New Field" in Form Builder and configure the parent / child dependency within Form Builder using Edit on the new field. Today, I am not given that option. I had to create attribute, then go in to Attribute Depend...
2 Answers
Scott Cory Last activity on 8/31/2022 11:38:12 AM by Scott Cory

Email Replies Posted in Child Ticket, but Not Parent

Please see the following, we have a customer who replied through email to a parent ticket, but the reply was not posted in the parent ticket feed. The email reply to the parent ticket can be seen in the Processed folder. However, the customer c...
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 8/31/2022 10:33:58 AM by Mark Sayers

Change Management Calendar

Does TeamDynamix have a calendar view for IT to visualize all the scheduled changes? If so, can I see an example?
2 Answers
Sarah Glatz Last activity on 8/30/2022 12:08:05 PM by David Tod

How to remove old projects from the drop-down list for Time Entry?

I know that when we close projects, we have the option to leave them open for time entry. Because of that, we now have a bunch of old projects that appear on our drop-down list for adding time. We want to remove these from the list. How can we ...
1 Answer
Gretchen Cannon Last activity on 8/29/2022 3:25:50 PM by Mark Sayers

Import Contracts from ContractImportTemplate

What is the date format retired to create Contracts through the import template. Attached are my errors
3 Answers
Greg Scherer Last activity on 8/26/2022 5:49:02 PM by Greg Scherer

Copy Web Service Method

Is there a way to copy a web service method? The only option I see is "+New"

It would sure be convenient if there were a "+Copy" option, so that a simple edit could be made on the copy instead of having to recreate everything to make o...
1 Answer
Scott Cory Last activity on 8/25/2022 4:34:56 PM by Mark Sayers

Edit/Delete time on a ticket

How do we edit or delete time that is entered on a ticket?
3 Answers
Danee Gunka Schwartz Last activity on 8/25/2022 2:59:16 PM by Danee Gunka Schwartz

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